Lithys 2015: Orange Spain - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2015: Orange Spain - Marketing Champion

Company: Orange Spain  Orange logo.png
Entry submitted by: Santiago Martín Martín (tiako) Social Support Manager

Community: Comunidad Orange ( and La Comunidad (

Lithy category: Marketing Champion


Orange Espagne SAU is one of the biggest telecom companies in Spain with almost 15 million of customers. It is part of Orange Group and operates with three brands in the Spanish market: Orange, and Simyo.


Lithium platform is a key enabler for engaging our community members and achieving our key objective: develop and motivate superusers to 1) help other customers, 2) develop quality content. We rely on Lithium´s ranking configuration to create in the Orange Community a hierarchy of users based on participation and offer specific incentives, allowing us to increase the value of the contributions and improving brand perception. Different user roles (solucionadores –solvers-, master tekkies, friendly) help to perceive the user as a “superusuario” (superuser) with special privileges granted to those considered experts in different matters such as Smartphones tips and  tricks, Model recommendation or Trouble-shooting.


In the same way, thanks to gamification programs, those not yet “superusers” increase their participation and stickiness to the Community in order to achieve “superuser” status. Superusers amplify both brand advocacy and belonging to the Community.


Orange chart 3.png

During the last ten months (From May to February) we extracted data about users from “Metrics” section (post, visits, response, threads, most  active users, most  engage users, etc…). We needed to identify our most valuable users. Regarding these KPIs  we designed different sections within the community structure in order to redirect their “know how” (solutions, reviews, etc..) to specific categories,  and empower them within our Community. We reached out to them and they accepted to increase their participation in the community. Then,  we designed a public ranking with the best users (solvers, Kudos, etc..) and the users tried to achieve the top rank. The ranking shows number of post, visits to community, logins and when they achieve a high level the users win a medal/badge that identify the user as a “superuser”.


We identified and promoted different types of users that added value to the Community. Based on the pattern of their participation, we designed a strategy of monitoring and encouraging trough incentives to increase the value of their contribution, both for the company (reduction of service calls, increased brand perception, commercial communication increase, etc…) and the Community users. We can now distinguish different types of “superusers”, each identified with their own medal.


  • Solvers: users who give support and help with solutions to user`s incidences without intervention even of official moderators. They reduce the number of calls to call-centers, improve the post/solution ratio and become a model to follow in the Community. They have their own medal. 30% of traffic in the Community is related to solved problems posts.

Orange chart 4.png

  • Master Tekkies: Users with an active role and faithful to the Community. They participate, help others and give kudos. They are advocates of the Brand as they rise online positivity.

Orange chart 5.png

  • Friendly: Newly arrived users that encourage help and collaboration.

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Results of the SuperUsers program


Since launch of the Superusers program in May 2014, traffic in the community has doubled, reaching 300k monthly visits. Since launch of Solvers program in November 2014, the solution ratio increased from 20% to 60% by March 2015 due to two main reasons: LSW optimization by agents (flux, labels, priorities) and participation of “Solvers” in the Community.  Ten months ago, we did not have any superuser , and currently there are 12 “superusers” solving doubts and writing reviews.


Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2015 Lithy Submission
Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2015 Lithy Submission

All my support to Orange Espagne teams !


Well done !! 🙂


You are in the proper track !!


All my support for this incredible Spanish team !!