Lithys 2015: Orange Spain - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2015: Orange Spain - Support Savings MVP

Company: Orange Spain  Orange logo.png
Entry submitted by: Santiago Martín Martín (tiako) Social Support Manager

Community: Comunidad Orange ( and La Comunidad (

Lithy category: Support Savings MVP


Orange Espagne SAU is one of the biggest telecom companies in Spain with almost 15 million of customers. It is part of Orange Group and operates with three brands in the Spanish market: Orange, and Simyo.


In 2014, Orange Spain took the decision to take a big step in the social support of our customers. Lithium applications were a key enabler and platform for the execution of this new strategy.


The cornerstone of this strategy has been the launch of new communities, in our two brands (Orange and as a new space of conversation and help among our customers.


Our main business goal has been call deflection with a big focus in superusers cultivation program (see Marketing champion Orange Spain application). We have used extensively gamification facilities of Lithium community to get our superusers to create a big amount of solutions to other customers issues.


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Orange Spain community replaced our old forums and it proved essential to not losing SEO positioning of main threads thanks to the easy and proper migration process.


Besides, we decided to put in place a new social customer support model, mainly in Facebook and Twitter, focusing on customer satisfaction, resolution and response time.


LSW has helped us to build this new model and to get the highest performance of our support and comms teams. We have made extensive usage of tagging, queuing and reporting facilities of the application, getting the better efficiency of our agents who only have to be focused in solving our customer request and incidents.


Our customer care organization changes as a result of cost reductions with Community and LSW


All the activity in communities and social media channels is managed by two different areas of the company: Comms and Customer Support, with more than 50 people conversing with our customers.

In telco industry, main part or social activity is about customers asking support. It is a big challenge to be able to build a model that integrates social support seamlessly in the whole customer support processes.


LSW has allowed us to organize tasks and people and get the most of everyone. We have been able to integrate the work of community managers, support agents, web advisors and community moderators. All they know who is the responsible to answer any tweet or post coming to our social accounts thanks to the queues and rules that we have built over LSW.


We are proud of our highly motivated and skilled teams!! 

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Our business results


Regarding communities, we have got 300k monthly visits. Mainly, these visits are coming to communities to solve any doubt or problem. We have found that 27% of visitors surveyed, say that they get their problem solved in their visit, so we are saving costs consistently: around 500k euros at year.


We are very happy also with the contribution to the community of our superusers: 56% of topics of the last month, got a solution by one of them.


Regarding social media, Facebook and Twitter, we are very proud of achieving our goals of response time and customer satisfaction: we answer 90% of posts in our SLA time (2 hours), and we got 80% of customer satisfaction in these interactions.


These indicators have put us consistently in the top-5 of most socially devoted brands in Spain on Facebook, month by month, according to Social Bakers ranking


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