Lithys 2015: SFR - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2015: SFR - Marketing Champion

Company: SFR  SFR logo2.png

Entry submitted by: Laurence Barlet (LaurenceBarlet) Digital Product Manager

Community: Le Forum SFR (

Lithy category: Marketing Champion


With a market share of 21% for internet service and 25% for mobile (based on end of 2014 stats), SFR is one of the largest and most important telecommunications provider in France.


SFR was recently acquired by Numericable, the leading fiber optic provider in France. As such SFR-Numericable is today looking to lead the market in products, services and high-speed internet services connecting customers across France.

It has 23 million customers, and provides 8,2 million households with high-speed internet access.


As a key differentiator SFR-Numericable is looking to firmly position itself as a leader in digital business and has been looking to Community with its Influencers and Super fans to achieve this.


This initiative described herein is but one of many ways SFR is doing this today.


The Forum SFR is a 2 years old support community counting more than 600,000 members and over 50 Super users.

This community started as a cost saving initiative project to reap call deflection for Customer Care each month. The number of phone calls avoided rose by nearly 50% since 2012.


Our community development strategy is based on Superusers. Their contribution represent a quarter of close to 20,000 posts a month.

Therefore, we are very focused on the Superusers commitment and do our best to engage them on and off the community: we often organize videoconferences with guests such as relevant SFR team members for product launches or market event, we consult them on the platform evolution to get their feedbacks, …We also invite them twice a year for a real-life event, to our Campus in Paris. Those attentions have built a very strong and special relationship between us and our Superusers !


Also, with a strong belief that this community must be part of the whole customer experience with SFR, we’ve recently focused on recruiting new members that We now need to re-activate.


Our marketing campaign


On January 16th, the Forum SFR celebrated its second anniversary. This was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate not just the community but also those that make it all possible: the Superusers and their outstanding commitment. With that in mind, a big event was planned during the month of the anniversary for an initiative we branded: Saying Thank You Counts!


SFR Community landing page.png


On Stage One of this initiative, we invited 3 of the leading Superusers to our office in Paris, under cover of an interview to surprise them. The purpose for this first step was to showcase our Superusers and, most importantly, show them our gratitude for the countless number of hours they invest with the community and highlight their commitment to others.


The community managers thus welcomed :

During the interview, special SFR representatives from different departments were waiting for the right moment to show up and entered into the interview room with a very special and unique birthday gift: a live “Merci!” (community kudos) counter!


SFR live mercil counter.png

This ended up being a very emotional moment with most users close to tears as they embraced the SFR representatives and received the “Merci!” Counter. This device captures each individual Superusers full kudos count on the community and updates live which brings to life not only their value but also their commitment to the wider community. One of them sent us a short film to say thank you. 


For the really first time an object was connected to a Lithium platform. This technical performance was possible thanks to our creative digital agency The Social Client. The developers team worked hard to make it possible, and finally found a way to connect personalized endpoints from the Forum and a hidden page in the object interface.


We shared the videos of this special moment for all to see on the community landing page, highlighting each individual Super User individually.


Here are videos showing the interviews with 3 Super users and SFR team members and the gift handover:



While we didn’t film  all the giveaways, we made sure that every Superuser received a birthday gift: 7 other super-users received the live counter at home and the others got a personalized thank you cushion.

SFR Thanks cushions.png 


A short version of the film was posted on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and the film spotlights also served as a spring board to the second part of the campaign: the birthday competition.


In this contest, players needed to match customer questions with the right solution (chosen among three). The goal was to show inactive members how the Community can be useful, and the many reasons to say thank you.


 The winner of this competition was very happy, as showcased in the post below:

SFR 1.png

The global event was promoted by two mailing campaign, two Facebook posts and 3 Tweets, targeting all community members.


Campaign results


The anniversary events were a roaring success as we saw traffic increase by 9% and registrations increase by 33%.

Most importantly however, the increased satisfaction of the Superusers and the reactivation of dormant members who had lapsed in participation. In addition to the above we saw a clear reactivation of our inactive member base with + 340% of  visits for this population !


The last result but not the least, the “uncountable” emotional and grateful reactions from our amazing super users !


SFR 2.jpg





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