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Lithys 2015: Telefonica Movistar - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2015: Telefonica Movistar - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Company: Telefonica Movistar Telefonica.png
Entry submitted by: Emilio Rodriguez Menendez (UT04546) Community Manager

Community: Comunidad Movistar (

Lithy category: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Telefónica is one of the world leading integrated operators in the telecommunications sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe and Latin America. It operates in 21 countries. As of December 2014, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 341 million.


Our customer satisfaction initiatives in 2014 were CSI, NPS, Recommendations/Referrals, Noise, Average Response Time and CHI.


As such, our overall objectives have been to increase the CSI, visits, call deflection and commercial leads. See our Social ROI Titan entry for more results on visits and call deflection. In terms of our customer satisfaction initiatives, we focused on CSI, NPS, Recommendations/Referrals, Noise, Average Response Time, and CHI. All areas of our company have their own objectives that are aligned with the overarching company goals.


Improving online customer service was the most critical customer issue that we looked to solve with our Lithium Total Community implementation.


Here are the results of our top customer satisfaction initiatives:

  • CSI: Every time a user/customer receives attention from one of our moderators, we send him/her a link to our online survey asking to evaluate the help received (this applies to cases that need to be solved by official Movistar staff in terms of needing to check the customer information in our systems). We received a stable 9 throughout 2014 and this year. We assisted 120,000 customers in 2014, and in 2015 our moderators have already helped more than 24,000 customers.
  • NPS: In that same survey, we ask the user if he would recommend our help/attention to his friends and family. We are pleased to receive 99% positive answers.
  • Recommendations: As a result of the excellent help that we provide our community, we receive a lot of posts praising our work. And most importantly, we have many examples of users in external forums, referring other users/customers to our community when asking for help and acknowledging us as the best channel to get help from Movistar.

Telefonica chart 7.png


Telefonica chart 8.png

Telefonica chart 9.png

Telefonica chart 10.png

  • Noise: As a part of our strategy, we receive reports from our market research team in which they evaluate the noise about Movistar on the Internet. In this report, we evaluate the amount of noise and the tonality of the noise (positive, negative, neutral). Since the Community was launched, we are still the leading Telco company that receives the most mentions. Furthermore, we are the one in the telco sector that receives the most positive tonality in part due of the influence of the community (1.3M monthly visits).

Telefonica chart 11.png


  • Average Response Time: 6 hours, which is a significant reduction from our 2013 average response time of 14 hours.
  • LSW: We have recently started using Lithium Social Web (LSW) as a part of our strategy to improve our customer satisfaction and achieve even better results with response time.
  • CHI 785: We have achieved a stable 780-785 CHI.


In addition to the above achievements, we have relocated our call centers in Spain (instead of outsourcing). We are also focusing on increasing the servicing to 70% in online channels in order to avoid expenses to our call center.


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