Lithys 2015: Telefonica Movistar - Social ROI Titan

Lithys 2015: Telefonica Movistar - Social ROI Titan

Company: Telefonica Movistar Telefonica.png
Entry submitted by: Emilio Rodriguez Menendez (UT04546) Community Manager

Community: Comunidad Movistar (

Lithy category: Social ROI Titan


Telefónica is one of the world leading integrated operators in the telecommunications sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe and Latin America. It operates in 21 countries. As of December 2014, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 341 million.


Our 2014 goals with Total Community were call deflection, CSI improvement, cost savings (LSW) , and increased visits.


We achieved great results in 2014 and 2015.


First, here are some definitions on how we calculated our results:
        - Encuentran: (average) # of visitors who found the information they were looking for when they accessed the Community via Google.

        - 1004 (our call center telephone number): Through the survey we offer to our Community visitors, we look at the number of those who said they found the information they were looking for. X% said they would’ve called 1004 (call center) if they hadn’t found the information in the Community, and that is how we determine our call deflection figure.
        - Precio (price): 3€ is the average cost per attention in our call center * calls= x *12 months. 3€ is the average cost of a call center call. For example, in 2014 we saved 16.404.550€.
        - Ahorro (savings): In 2014, we saved 18,142,377 € mostly due to Community. In 2014, we weren´t using LSW yet. In addition, we have improved our # of visits.


We finished 2014 with the following results:

- 15,189,399 visits
- 60% of the visitors (or 9,113,639 visitors) said they were able to find the information they needed 
- 60% of those who found the information they were looking for (or 5,468,183 people) said would have called our call center (1004) if they had not found the information in the Community. 
- 3€ per call = 16.404.550€ savings in 2014 from call deflection


A visual of our ROI model:

Telefonica updated ROI model.jpg


Telefonica updated chart 1.jpg

Telefonica updated chart2.jpg


Additional business objectives that we achieved


With the SEO community strategy, we have been able to place top search terms such as 4G, Fiber, FTTH in top places of Google searches. By achieving a top SEO position for our strategic terms/words, you can also get commerical leads from those searches (we have links to our home site from the best positioned posts regarding those terms). We can also get servicing as far as we also get high SEO positions with searches related to servicing, such as PUK, Router Keyword, etc...all of which means less calls to our call center. As a result of this (and not only due to Community but partly), Movistar is not only the most mentioned company on the Internet but also the one with the best tonality.

Telefonica chart 4.png

We are the leading telecommunication community in Spain with visits that doubles the competition combined.

Telefonica chart 5.png

Telefonica chart 6.png

We also are in the Top5 Telco Lithium communities (CHI).


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