Lithys 2015: Turkcell - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2015: Turkcell - Support Savings MVP

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Entry submitted by: Mustafa Altay (mustafaaltay) UX Information Architect

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Lithy category: Support Savings MVP


GSM-based mobile communication in Turkey began when Turkcell commenced operations in February 1994. Since then, it has continuously increased the variety of its services based on mobile audio and data communication, as well as on its quality levels and as a result, its number of subscribers.


Turkcell is a regional leader by being the market leader in five countries out of nine it operates in. Turkcell, with its wide coverage area and diverse range of services abroad, is able to provide its subscribers with mobile communication services both in Turkey and around the world.


Before Turkcell Forum implementation Turkcell only use social media channels like FB, twitter as two way communication. Customers became more online and want to touch companies online. Turkcell had to adapt these changes in customer behavior. So, Turkcell changed its digital strategy to one way communication to two-way communication. Turkcell believes that two-way communication reveals invaluable information about customer needs and buying habits, and this gives Turkcell a vital edge over its competitors.


Recently a large number of companies offering web-based customer opinion platforms have emerged worldwide, providing them with the opportunity to articulate their experiences and comments on products and services. Turkcell recognized that it is not about a platform, it is all about culture and strategy.


Turkcell has the best customer support in all areas. As a leading technology company, Turkcell believes in online channels. E-WOM is getting more pervasive and more important in purchase decision-making and customer support. Most of the companies sees online channels as an alternative to traditional support centers. We believe in our customers and omni channel interactions. As a strategy to shift from traditional customer care to digital customer care, we aim to implement true continuity of customer experience.


Turkcell aims to use the persuasive effect of E-WOM for following reasons and based its strategy according to them:


  1. The information provided by WOM is perceived as being more credible than that provided commercially since most WOMs are from peers, relatives, friends and the third party whom one trusts more;
  2. WOM is a two-way communication, not a one-way propaganda;
  3. WOM provides potential customers with user experience to reduce purchase risk and uncertainty;
  4. Since WOM is live and can instantly respond to inquiries, it can provide more complete and relevant information. Word-of-mouth has been proven to be an effective method of obtaining useful information for purchase decisions.


Customers believe in peer advice and begin to respond customer queries and provide customer service. Thus, Turkcell defines its Digital customer care strategy in 3 categories:


Turkcell chart 8.jpg


Paradigm shift in customer experience is a long path and it must be considered as change management project. With these awareness Turkcell promotes first Forum implementation. After baby-sitting period, next phases started according to Business value-Complexity matrix in Q2 of 2015. Phase 2 covers all the items listed above.


Not only Turkcell aims to lower costs but also enhance customer care, richer differentiation and higher brand advocacy. After establishing a digital presence, Turkcell will start devising creative social strategies across all major platforms to engage with active audiences.


To sum up, Turkcell redesigns its organization around customers in a customized, relevant way. By listening customers, Turkcell will know exactly what customers are doing, and understand the context of where they are in their journey with Turkcell. This is all enabled by the right strategy and digital paradigm shift.


Changes in customer care organization


Turkcell wants to manage customer relationships in one place. With intelligent context and insights to customers, Turkcell can be quick, agile and smart with its relationships. Turkcell Forum is a central concept that businesses need to understand deeply and integrate fully, in order to serve the social customer. Turkcell will combine all digital customer care in a single organization. With dynamic FAQ creation, peer advice and user generated content will be the basis of success. So Turkcell begins digital paradigm shift and organization according to omnichannel strategy.


Business results


Social media and emerging technologies have transformed the way the world communicates. From being available on social networks to reaching out through interactive and mobile resources, businesses are evolving their customer experience efforts to support the new ‘Connected Consumer’. So, in order to shift in servicing and customer experience, you have to invest in your strategy. Turkcell is already aware of the process and measure every step in change management. With quantifiable results and targets it is easy to rationalize the investment in Turkcell E-Care solutions to top management.


Turkcell launches its Forum in June 2014. Turkcell plans to double every figure in Forum in the first half of 2015.


After the first steps taken and user base extended, Turkcell will implement other modules in E care platform. 



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