Lithys 2015: Vodafone Turkey - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2015: Vodafone Turkey - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Company: Vodafone TurkeyVodafone logo.png
Entry submitted by:  Fahrünnisa Bilgin (FahrunnisaB)  Online Product Specialist - CMS & Social Media    

Community:  Vodafone Forum (

Lithy category: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Vodafone revolutionized digital transformation in the Turkish telecommunication market. With a market share of %33,9 (Feb'15) Vodafone Turkey is in use of innovative online technologies and social media to service the special needs of Turkish mobile customers. Vodafone Forum launched in March 2012, as Turkey's first open discussion platform among competition is representing Vodafone Turkey with customer care on social media. Today Vodafone Forum is used as a marketing and support platform, increasing engagement of users through super user cultivation and brand advocacy.   


Our 2014 customer satisfaction initiatives


At Vodafone Turkey, we take customer care to heart


Vodafone Turkey has a proactive approach in social media to collect customer insight. We have improved our success model, based on one-to-one customer care; where people receive answers from their personal moderators and super users. With these initiatives customers are getting a unique online experience since launch of Forum in 2012.   


In 2014 we have listened to our super users and established new areas in Forum. We have created new discusission opportunities inside of boards for Vodafone Turkey's youth segment named "Vodafone Freezone" and "Vodafone Arena", which came through a partnership of Vodafone with the turkish soccer team Beşiktaş JK.


Our moderators are engaging users continuously, we have contests to drive user activities, where we awarded winners with high-tech devices such as tablets and 3g modems.


We have established a buddy programme in Vodafone Forum where we continue to guide people after problem resolution and provide feedback. In this way, Vodafone enables people to get in touch with each other and Vodafone Forum  has excellent reputation with 80 K + registered users, 500 K + unique visitors and 1.2 M + pageviews monthly.    


The issue that we were looking to solve with Lithium


We respect our customers and listen to their wishes


It was the most interesting case when one of our Forum users contacted us about a tariff change, which could be done only in one of our Vodafone Shops. The problem was that the user was disabled, our moderators tried to help online, but we came to know that the user was not able to get out of his house. It was clear for us, that we needed take one step more for getting this issue resolved. That's why our community admin has got in contact with the members of our sales & support team and we managed a meeting with the user and took a trip to his flat in the asian side of Istanbul. The tariff change was recorded in our documents and the case was resolved onsite. It was an amazing success story, which has been celebrated by our customer operation manager. Social media team is still chatting with this user from time to time.  


Our results


We believe that everybody has the right to use the latest technology


The VF Forum team has come up with a new concept: reserving a special device stock and sending the device and desired accesories to the Vodafone Shop for customer pick-up. This method of delivery has great appeal to customers in rural areas who typically are not able to choose from a wide variety of devices. With Lithium's community platform,we communicated the complete device delivery process. This contributed to an increase in Vodafone Forum's eNPS score in a year with 29 points from -6 to +22.


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