Lithys 2015: Vodafone Turkey - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2015: Vodafone Turkey - Support Savings MVP

Company: Vodafone TurkeyVodafone logo.png
Entry submitted by:  Fahrünnisa Bilgin (FahrunnisaB)  Online Product Specialist - CMS & Social Media    

Community:  Vodafone Forum (

Lithy category: Support Savings MVP


Vodafone revolutionized digital transformation in the Turkish telecommunication market. With a market share of %33,9 (Feb'15) Vodafone Turkey is in use of innovative online technologies and social media to service the special needs of Turkish mobile customers. Vodafone Forum launched in March 2012, as Turkey's first open discussion platform among competition is representing Vodafone Turkey with customer care on social media. Today Vodafone Forum is used as a marketing and support platform, increasing engagement of users through super user cultivation and brand advocacy.   


Vodafone Forum is the “go-to” place for products and services, campaigns, apps, network coverage with peer-to-peer communication…

providing a new channel for feedback and exchange between VF customers, customer operations, marketing and product teams.

Our vision is to reach customers online and achieve first hand resolution. Vodafone Forum's business model contributes to reducing call centre costs by deflecting calls, decreasing response times and increasing user generated content.


With Vodafone Forum, we are reaching out to more than 600 K visitors, deflecting an average of 150 K calls monthly, making huge savings of more than 250 K USD annually.


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We are saving response time with a moderation team of 12 dedicated people and 2 admins. We have got 12 super users, as customers with a certain knowledge; willing to help others, loving to spend time on Vodafone Forum. Most of them are helping users in  their leisure times. Our company is counting on them in cooperating with them for resolving customer needs.


Meet HamdullahH

Hamdullah is Vodafone Forum's indispensable superuser, employed as store manager at the Vodafone Shop franchise in Bingöl. He's almost working as a full time moderator. He has got 5.251 kudos, 5.648 posts, 444 solutions. He says about himself:"When I'm driving the car I keep responding to posts during red light." HamdullahH is the happiest user about mobile forum.


Meet ZeynepK 

ZeynepK was working at the Vodafone Shop franchise, she used to respond to posts in Vodafone Forum as daily routine. Vodafone Forum team was looking for a new team member, when ZeynepK was looking for an opportunity in social media, now she is employed in Vodafone Forum responding team.


Meet SeckinK

SeckinK is a university student, his first Vodafone Forum post was a deep criticism about network performance. He later became a voluenteer of Forum when the social media team sent network people to his residence to solve the issue. Meanwhile SeckinK has gained expertise on devices, he's broadcasting videos on devices and Vodafone services. See SeckinK's latest video on Sony Xperia Z3.


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Transferring support savings to e-commerce activities


The time and help amount realized by our superusers has an impact of 5 support agents which makes cost reduction up to 70 K USD annually. We had the choice to use these savings in marketing campaigns to boost e-commerce activities. 


Our business results


 Vodafone Forum has more than doubled its objectives in 3 years…

- attracting 80 K + users (versus goal of 50 K)

- 500 K + visitors per month (versus goal of 250 K)

- we have achieved twice as much call deflection than our target estimations 

- annually 250 K USD call deflection savings (versus goal of 150 K)


The results of the quality-based community growth strategy have made Vodafone Turkey the fastest-growing Forum in Vodafone Group’s 21 countries.  


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