Lithys 2015: XL Axiata - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2015: XL Axiata - Total Community All Star

Company: XL Axiata XL Axiata logo.png

Entry submitted by: Yudhistira (yudis) Manager- Digital Community

Community: Xplor Forum (  

Lithy category: Total Community All Star


XL Axiata (XL) is one of Indonesia largest mobile telco company with more than 45 million active customers which majorly prepaid and high growth on mobile data service penetration. Running 2 brands; XL which focus on digital-life segment and AXIS which focus on cost-conscious segment. We are well-known as always one step ahead the competition through our breakthrough in customer-centric products and services. Our brand promise is to fulfilling our customer’s potential by empowering them to access and explore what's important to them through mobile internet, with XL : Now, You Can!


Social Customer Experience (SCX) is the key success factor for consumer brands in Indonesia. Indonesia is always in the world’s top-5 in terms of social media user and activities. Conversations about brands are happening anytime, anywhere – making customer reference more trusted than advertising.


XL Axiata takes this seriously. We developed our social channels since 2010, and today we have scored remarkable achievements in Indonesia's social media space; our brand-focused social media channels (XL 123 and XL Rame) have more than 5 million in follower base, and our customer care-focused twitter (XL Care) has reached 5 million monthly impressions. But, we have 3 fundamental problems to be solved:

  • Our Brand-focused channels have a very wide audience base but low engagement
  • On the other side, our Care-focused has a smaller audience but a lot deeper engagement
  • People always want to contribute in any way (good or bad), there is an opportunity to convert their contribution to become useful for other people by creating a mechanism called customers help customers


The Lithium-powered community can solve these problems by synergizing the advantages and enabling us to bring our SCX to the next level:

  • Powering our social channels with the best tools available, and
  • Build our own community platform to get the most contribution from our social channels (big audience with deep engagement)


We began by taking a look at the world’s best NPS for Telco: GiffGaff. The story has inspired us to learn their method, understand their success, and what enables them to do so.


We want the best solution to achieve our objective. Therefore, we compared Lithium with other 8 world-class candidates. After one year of a comprehensive process, we came to a final decision to implement a Lithium-powered Community and Lithium Social Web as the best solution to our needs and strategic objectives.


Benefits of a Total Community


Developing a Lithium-powered community and implementing LSW at the same time has redefined our digital strategy in managing customer engagement, optimizing team performance, and improving overall customer experience journey.


Our strategy is Omnichannel Customer Engagement. The journey starts from wherever our customer wants: website, social media, instant messaging apps, self-help apps, service centers, call center or physical experience center. After they get what they need (inquiry, purchase, campaign respond, customer support, etc.), then we direct them to get a better experience and wider engagement with our community members on our integrated digital community platform.


XL Axiata 1.png

XL Axiata 2.png

Furthermore, to provide an end to end community experience and to create closer engagement between community members, we frequently initiated offline events; either XL-hosted or Community-hosted. We use our Digital Lifestyle Experience Physical Center (Xplor) or places that meet their interests to held the events. This strategy positions Xplor Forum as the first online & offline community in Indonesia.


XL Axiata 3.jpg

XL Axiata 4.jpg


Meanwhile, LSW has solved our issues around experience & engagement across social media channels. Previously, we used various tools to perform different tasks i.e. identify prioritization, distribute to agents in order to respond the conversations, following up with CRM tools, run scheduled campaigns, monitoring sentiments and other activities we need to focus on. Now, it is all powerfully done through LSW, seamlessly:

  • Easier for our agents to deal with customer problem and provide greater customer experience
  • Team performance can be monitored in real-time by superiors
  • And the most important thing, LSW has created direct impact to what our customer feels:
    • Faster response
    • Better engagement resulting from real time customer insight and interaction history
    • Richer response through sharing from other customer’s experience (customers help customers)


LSW has met all our objectives to provide the easiest, reliable, and engaging social customer experience through digital channels.


XL Axiata 5.png


Our Total Community results


We just launched Xplor Forum community publicly on April 9, 2015.


XL Axiata 6.png

(Caption) XL launched Xplor Forum. From left to right: Yudhistira, Manager-Digital Community -- Rashad Javier Sanchez, Chief Brand and Customer Experience Officer -- Noviyus Kurniawan, VP-Customer Experience Management


XL Axiata 7.png

XL Axiata 8.png

(Caption) Grand launching is covered by more than 50 national media press, including 2 national TVs.


Although we don't have many metrics to share right now, there are a few outcomes that bring us much optimism. Here are signs that we are off to a good start:

  • Achieved score 100 out of 100 in Google user experience index for our mobile site. Which is more than 80% of our traffic coming from mobile.

XL Axiata 9.jpg

  • Achieved our first 1,000 members resulting from 3 months soft launch to our loyal customers and their social media circles

XL Axiata 10.png

  • The #1 Google Search Result for keyword “Xplor Forum”, competing with many websites that carry “Xplor” and “Forum” within their names.

 XL Axiata 11.png

  • Achieved +64 Net Promoter Score. We survey all of our registered members with Net Promoter Score methods with 53% sample take up rate.


  • Achieved more than 1,000,000 impressions on Twitter resulting from 2 offline events we held. We involved Key Opinion Leaders with social media viral campaign method.

Bravo XL




Go XL Go....Worldwide Quality Telco Company. U R D Best 🙂