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Lithys 2015: dtac - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

Lithys 2015: dtac - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

Company: Total Access Communication (dtac) dtac logo.jpg

Entry submitted by: Orraphan Saengsawat (nnnfonnn) AVP, Digital Service & Channel Strategy

Community: dtac Online Community (

Lithy category: Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch


Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, commonly known as DTAC. We are one of Thailand's leading mobile service operators. Founded in August 1989, dtac currently has customer base of more than 28 million numbers (by Q2/2014) with various service freqencies of 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and recently acquired 2100 MHz – prompting dtac to be the only Network in Thailand with the biggest bandwidth at present.

The goal of our Community promotion


Our main objective was to build the customer centricity and cost savings from all forms of contact point, including call to call center, e-mails, social media posts. Customers will help to answer most of the cases.


When we talked about the goal of launching this community campaign, we wanted consumers knowing about dtac's new services so consumers could get closer to dtac and also ask questions, offer feedback on service, and share experiences and also their knowledge. We strived to have this campaign help move dtac SuperFans and brand advocates from other communities to be a part of this community and also help to drive engagement in our community.


Our promotion strategy


We’ve put more effort in the ‘launch stage’ period to establish the community. Most strategy and tactics focused on how to build brand awareness and get more active members participating in community. And in August 2014 dtac had the new CEO, K.Sigve, and our customers love him. So we created ‘Heart Talk with Sigve’, a live streaming event.


dtac 7.jpg


We hosted a Thai online influencer and dtac Superfans special dinner meeting with Mr.Sigve – dtac’s CEO on October 2015. We invited an additional 100 customers who are dtac’s SuperFans from our community to enjoy dinner and talk with our CEO. This special dinner was live broadcast via Youtube channel. And online customers were able to send their question to the CEO via posting in the dtac online community, Twitter, and Facebook.


We have the Commercial video and How to video. The video is running via dtac's youtube channel while customers are waiting for service at dtac stores. Our video had both commercial video that advertises our service and other video to provide an overview on ‘How to use ‘dtac's online community’. 


dtac 8.png



Promotion results


  • More than 5,000 online users saw the youtube live broadcast and generated more than 1,000 questions
  • We were able to convert 40 participants (Superfans) at the event to shift from other communities to be a part of dtac's online community where they help answer questions for our community members. 


Video entry

Soft Launch Event:


Commercial VDO: 


How to VDO:








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