Lithys 2015: giffgaff - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

Lithys 2015: giffgaff - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

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Lithy category: Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch


giffgaff founded 5 years ago and known as “the mobile network run by you”, utilizes Lithium to provide a first class experience for our members. We don’t have call centers, high street stores or any of those expensive things, instead we are online only and pass on the savings to our members.


The goal of our Community promotion


The goal was based around loyalty. Rewarding the passion and effort from our members, positive reinforcement for other members to follow and a genuine thank you to our amazing community.


Our promotion strategy


Each year we look to acknowledge the outstanding efforts within our community, so we began an annual event known as “The GAFFTAs”. The GAFFTAs see members nominate other members for certain categories (such as most helpful, most welcoming, etc) and then a panel of judges from the Community will review these to determine the winner. This year we wanted to make this extra special so took it to the road, hand delivering the awards to the winners with a custom performance from two amazing performers – singing songs adapted for the winning members.


The results


It is hard to measure the quantitative value of an initiative like this. Qualitatively, it helped reinforce our values, it rewarded amazing members and kept them engaged, it empowered other members to be a part of the whole activity and it made our members feel even more special. That probably translates well when considering retention, life time value, loyalty, etc. Participation in the whole thing was strong, with 100s of nominations, 1000s of votes and lots of members getting involved in the whole thing.


Our video



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