Lithys 2016: AmBank (M) Berhad - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2016: AmBank (M) Berhad - Marketing Champion

482.pngCompany: AmBank (M) Berhad

Entry submitted by:  Anna Ramly / Nurul Hana Mariana Muhammad (Assistant Manager)

Community: TRUE by AmBank – TRUE Community

Lithy category:  Marketing Champion


AmBank Group is one of Malaysia’s premier financial solutions Groups with 40 years of legacy in understanding Malaysian customers and provides a wide range of both conventional and Islamic financial products and services.

While AmBank Group continues to grow dynamically and gain recognition as Malaysia’s preferred financial solutions group, its strategic partnerships with key global players has paved the way for greater international connectivity. Complementing its strong reputation as a key financial solution provider in Malaysia, its partnerships with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and MetLife Inc has brought new energy and value in how the Group conducts its business to better serve its markets. 

TRUE by AmBank, a solution designed for young professionals, is a new addition to the AmBank Group family and comprises not only of a TRUE Everyday Banking Kit (debit and credit card) but also the first bank in Malaysia to offer a digital community platform – TRUE Lab.


The TRUE by AmBank Story:


About two years ago, a group of young professionals sitting in an office in the city of vibrant Kuala Lumpur came up with an exciting concept to bring a fresh new perspective to banking.


The target market? Quite simply, young professionals. Thus came the creation of TRUE by AmBank, which was developed with the support of parent company AmBank (M) Berhad, one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia, to attract an emerging and influential segment with strong purchasing power as well as abundance of ideas who’ll soon be shaping the future of the economy and the world.


The TRUE by AmBank brand consist of two concepts - The TRUE Everyday Banking Kit and TRUE Lab, Malaysia’s first digital, crowd-sourcing platform, designed to listen to the needs of young professionals (YPs) and banking customers nationwide.


Our unique promotion and goal


The TRUE Potential Campaign

As part of the introduction to TRUE Lab, we designed a campaign to leverage on the power of online community to empower and engage in conversations with our target segment – Young Professionals.


The campaign concept was developed from insights that many Young Professionals are not exploring their true potential to have a more fulfilled life – and this could mean being a better human being or perhaps even a change in career path.


The goal was to crowd source participant’s untapped potential and dreams while sparking conversations and steer the community to actively engage in dialogues on TRUE Lab.


The campaign utilized the Lithium platform for participants to submit their entries on the ideation page, share and invite their family and friends to vote.




Our tactics and strategy for promotion


We went to the streets of Kuala Lumpur and quizzed Young Professionals on their dreams, goals and ambitions, only to uncover that most professionals stop pursuing their TRUE potential because of the rat race or money.


To create awareness, we developed an ad campaign targeted to the online digital space: ie YouTube, Facebook, blogs, Google, LinkedIn, Nom Nom and featured prominent Malaysian bloggers to entice those dream seekers to join TRUE Lab and share their ideas with their family and friends and invite them to vote or kudo their submissions. The kudo function was a factor in our judging criteria as the most popular ideas were then curated into the semifinals of the judging process.


The strategy of this campaign was to encourage users to share their dreams and aspirations, with the aim to get users to be familiar with using their voice in the community for future crowd-sourcing initiatives.




Campaign Results


The marketing ringgit spent on Facebook PPLA, Facebook PPVA, YouTube pre-roll ads and Google Display Networks proved to be effective when there was traffic driven to TRUE Lab, which resulted in the increase of membership registration and participation of the campaign. From this campaign alone, we received:

  • 146,502 page views,
  • 80,852 visits,
  • 67,834 unique visitors,
  • 1,309 new members
  • 256 ideas and 1358 kudos
  • Facebook - 9,153,793 impressions
  • LinkedIn – 99,026 impressions
  • YouTube – 1,059,607 impressions, 232,448 views, 171,858 unique viewers
  • YouTube Masthead (Mobile) – 135,781 clicks, 7,115,162 clicks







YouTube Trueview Results over six-week period




Nom Nom Promoted Content (Blogs)


Impressions: 4,875,796

Clicks: 5,273






Key Learnings

  • People loved the videos! – Facebook PPVA (Page Post Video Ad) achieved higher results than PPLA (Page Post Link Ad) with larger audience engagement level
  • Mobile capability was essential to this campaign. Having a YouTube masthead for mobile helped increase clicks since it reached 2.8x more impressions than the desktop version.
  • Kudo function enabled us to use this as part of our judging criteria to analyse popularity of ideas
  • Having the ‘Share’ button in the Lithium platform allowed participants to share their submissions on social media, which helped bring more traffic into the website


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Well done TRUE BY AMBANK team. I like the 2ways effective communication btwn the community team and true members.