Lithys 2016: AmBank (M) Berhad - Social ROI Titan

Lithys 2016: AmBank (M) Berhad - Social ROI Titan

482.pngCompany: AmBank (M) Berhad

Entry submitted by:  Anna Ramly / Nurul Hana Mariana Muhammad (Assistant Manager)

Community: TRUE by AmBank – TRUE Community

Lithy category:  Social ROI Titan


AmBank Group is one of Malaysia’s premier financial solutions Groups with 40 years of legacy in understanding Malaysian customers and provides a wide range of both conventional and Islamic financial products and services.

While AmBank Group continues to grow dynamically and gain recognition as Malaysia’s preferred financial solutions group, its strategic partnerships with key global players has paved the way for greater international connectivity. Complementing its strong reputation as a key financial solution provider in Malaysia, its partnerships with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and MetLife Inc has brought new energy and value in how the Group conducts its business to better serve its markets. TRUE by AmBank, a solution designed for young professionals, is a new addition to the AmBank Group family and comprises not only of a TRUE Everyday Banking Kit (debit and credit card) but also the first bank in Malaysia to offer a digital community platform – TRUE Lab.


Our 2015 community goals 


When we first launched TRUE Lab, the first digital community platform by a Financial Institution in Malaysia, we aimed to fulfill the following goals:

  • Increase engagement rate of the brand
  • Crowd source ideas on banking solutions and services
  • Introduce the concept of TRUE Lab - a community platform to crowdsource for ideas.
  • Grow a community financial education
  • Introduce the power of community feedback and co-creation


Our focus areas and tactics to meet our goals


In order to achieve these goals, we came up with several campaigns designed to gain feedback, inspire creativity, stimulate ideas from our community and build brand loyalty among our members through our first gamification program.


TRUE Potential campaign


The introduction to TRUE Lab was through an emotional route. TRUE Potential was launched to listen to individuals who have always dreamed of realizing their TRUE potential and unleashing their capabilities that they could not pursue due to circumstances. This was in line with the objectives of TRUE Lab where we listen to the community and deliver their wants and needs. At the end of the campaign, we helped these well-deserved individuals discover their potential and realize their dreams, and at the same time, gained friends in the TRUE Lab community.




Community Connection


Besides TRUE Potential, we also ran nine other campaigns to instill a deeper connection with superfans and TRUE Lab members through initiatives like TRUE Love, TRUE Touch ‘N Go, TRUE Fortune, TRUE Mother’s Day, #TRUEgettingtoknowyou, #TRUEbyAmBankOOTD, TRUE@Uni Ideation, TRUE Goals, and our pilot gamification program, TRUE Quest 2015. During #TRUEgettingtoknowyou, community members were invited to share personal stories, anecdotes and their sense of style while getting to know other personalities lurking behind the usernames, including the individuals helming the TRUE Lab team. #TRUEbyAmBankOOTD, held in conjunction with TRUE Fashion Month, drove traffic for the months of August and September as they battled for the chance to be crowned TRUE Lab’s Most Fashionable Fashionista.


The gamification element of TRUE Lab was always a priority for us as we had already identified our superfans. By introducing our pilot gamification program in November, we had a simple game plan that would entail members to gain badges and rewards when they initiated content, encouraged ideation and discussion, and referred their friends and family members to TRUE Lab.





Our Results


TRUE Potential: During the three-month campaign period, we used the following methods to increase awareness to TRUE Lab: Facebook PPLA, Facebook PPVA, LinkedIn, YouTube Masthead, YouTube InVideo Overlay, Google Display Network and tie up with blog networks. Within six weeks, our TRUE Potential video reached 171,858 unique viewers and made 1,059,607 impressions. We also received over 250 submissions by March. The Lithium platform enabled members to share their ideas via the Lithium ‘Share’ function for Facebook and other social media outlets, and this helped their idea gain more kudos.




TRUE Potential Campaign Results


The marketing ringgit spent on Facebook PPLA, Facebook PPVA, YouTube pre-roll ads and Google Display Networks proved to be effective when there was traffic driven to TRUE Lab, which resulted in the increase of membership registration and participation of the campaign.


From this campaign alone, we received:

  • 146,502 page views
  • 80,852 visits
  • 67,834 unique visitors
  • 1,309 new members
  • 256 ideas and 1358 kudos
  • Facebook - 9,153,793 impressions
  • LinkedIn – 99,026 impressions
  • YouTube – 1,059,607 impressions, 232,448 views, 171,858 unique viewers
  • YouTube Masthead (Mobile) – 135,781 clicks, 7,115,162 clicks


Overall TRUE Lab campaigns results


We introduced 10 campaigns in 2015 in the LSW community, which helped boost membership numbers, submission of ideas and activity in TRUE Lab. We went from 694 members at the beginning of the launch of TRUE Lab to 2,046 by the end of 2015, resulting in a membership increase of 195%. Since implementing LSW, we noticed a spike in unique visitors and page views particularly from mobile phones.