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Lithys 2016: Digi Telecommunications - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2016: Digi Telecommunications - Marketing Champion

Untitled9.pngCompany:  Digi Telecommunications

Entry submitted by: Lee Yang Ching (Associate - Community Manager)

Community: Digi Community

Lithy category:  Marketing Champion


Digi is a leading mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers.


Our unique promotion and goal 


Digi is one of Malaysia’s leading telecommunications providers who is dedicated in providing innovative and wholesome user experiences. In 2015, we launched Community, Malaysia’s first people-powered hub that serves as a platform for Digi users, new and existing, to get answers to any and all of their questions.




To further help customers take charge and easily manage their accounts, we also provided customers with the MyDigi app. Customers could check their usage, pay their bills, and even buy additional subscriptions or credit reloads.


Both platforms were created to empower our customers and also provide them with a more seamless experience with Digi. However, one key challenge faced was that not many customers were aware of these platforms and thus not utilizing its unique features.


Hence, our keys goals were to:

  • Teach users how to use Community and increase usage of ‘Kudos’ (the Like button)
  • Increase membership and engagement on Community
  • Awareness of the MyDigi app and its functions


The MyDigi Contest


As Malaysia’s first people-powered hub, we wanted to educate our customers that they were empowered to contribute and further shape the experiences of other Digi users. Hence, we came up with a strategy to help us achieve all 3 key goals at one go; the MyDigi contest.


We ran the contest via a blogpost on Community and incorporated attractive prizes, 30 Lenovo A369i smartphones to hook audiences and spark interest to participate in the contest.




Upon getting their attention through the awesome prizes, we then asked a question other telco service providers rarely asked:


"As a Digi customer, I would like to have <insert feature/idea/answer here> in the MyDigi app because <reason>.”


We kept the participation mechanics within 3 simple steps:




To sustain interest and encourage more creative submissions, we gave away 2 smartphones daily to the Top 2 entries of the day. Winners were selected based on the most creative and relevant, and also received the highest number of Kudos (Like button).


This tactic helped to ensure that participants submitted quality entries whilst empowering other Community members to give an entry they liked a “Kudo”, a key feature of Community that encouraged honest and helpful contributions to other users.


In order to comment or Kudo an entry, users needed to sign into our Community which helped boost new membership and engagement on Community. This tactic also helped to educate users on how Community works and experience the empowerment they have on this people-powered hub.


Through this contest we also managed to increase awareness and functionalities of the MyDigi app as users had reason to download and experience the app to share their suggestions on how the app could be better.


Our results


  • We received 83 entries from Digi users who had great ideas on improving the MyDigi app
  • Community page views increased by 5% during contest period.
  • User Growth from Jan – Feb (during the contest) was double the average monthly growth at 20% (average 10%)
  • Blog page views leap by 76% more views with the contest blog post itself received over 5,300 views (average view 121) (making up 49% of total blog post views), and received 86 Kudos (86 times more than the average of 1 Kudo per post) for all the comments.
  • Overall in 2015, we grew to have an average of 75K monthly unique visitors by the end of the year, with page views averaging at about 185K per month.


We successfully increased membership and engagement on Community through a simple strategy that inadvertently taught users how to use community and Kudos, whilst creating awareness about the MyDigi app and its functions.