Lithys 2016: Electronic Arts - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2016: Electronic Arts - Total Community All Star

EA_OFFICIAL_B%5b2%5d.pngCompany:  Electronic Arts

Entry submitted by:  Jennifer Hughes (Director WWCE Social & Community)

Community: Answers HQ 

Lithy category:  Total Community All Star 



The Worldwide Customer Experience (WWCE) organization provides support to customers across all the games that Electronic Arts (EA) publishes. The Social and Community team manages the Answers HQ Community and engages with players on social media channels. To provide the best customer experience, there for our players where they need us, when they need us. Social media and online communities are an integral part of our customer experience strategy and an important way that we support and engage with our players.


The AHQ online community is significant, with over 10.8M registered users and more than 277k new topics over the past year across five languages. In LSW, we monitor 75 social media channels with over 11.2M posts in the past year. Having an integrated approach to total community provides our team with a consistent experience that can be measured in LSI.


Total Community Details

We have used Lithium Community for AHQ since its inception in 2012. In 2014, we added LSW for social media workflow.



Each game that EA publishes has a unique brand and social media presence, resulting in a large volume of social media to monitor. We have leveraged LSW to manage these channels through 42 queues, 6 priorities, and 95 tags. We use custom close reasons to get the reporting that we need.


We recently deepened our unified approach by adding the Lithium Community into LSW for improved workflow capabilities. This addition enables us to prioritize incoming topics based on the types of issues that the community cannot solve in place. We expect to see an improvement in response times and first response rates.


Lithium Community

AHQ is a player-to-player support community at its core, but it also allows for enthusiast conversations. Again, supporting many different titles we have used Lithium to provide a different look, feel, and overall experience for EA’s different games.




We have deployed a number of different features that make AHQ a robust community with high levels of participation. Instead of our customers calling in to report a game bug, the online contact routing system takes them directly to AHQ for self reporting. From there, we report bugs to studios and provide updates to players. AHQ also has a exceptional badging system that acknowledges community

participation. We have issued over 7.4M badges since launching the program in September 2015.



We Having detailed bulk data allows us to slice and dice our community and gain valuable insights, especially when connected with other data sources. The direct integration of community posts into our CRM tool allows for a unified 360-degree view across chat, phone, email, and Answers HQ. Community and social media data plays a vital role in helping us understand the full customer journey. We also use this data as an early warning system for emerging issues. The ability to tap seamlessly into a wealth of information provided by Lithium APIs is driving actions that are improving the overall customer experience with EA.


Total Community Advantage

By working with one partner to leverage both the Lithium community and LSW to execute our social media and community support, we work more efficiently with a holistic strategy that best supports our players.