Lithys 2016: Fido (Rogers Communications) - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2016: Fido (Rogers Communications) - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

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Company: Fido (Rogers Communications)

Contact: Caroline Lalonde (Social Media Support and Community Manager)

Community: Fido Community

Lithy category:  Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Fido connects Canadians to the things they love through its ultrafast LTE network, as well as services such as Fido Pulse Plans and Fido Home Internet (Fido Home Internet currently only available in parts of Ontario).


Fido was originally launched by Microcell Solutions Inc. in 1996 and went on to revolutionize the wireless industry in Canada with a unique approach to pricing, a money-back satisfaction guarantee and more. Today, we continue to move ahead with new voice and data technologies as well as the latest in wireless Internet services to keep you connected to what matters most in your life.


The Fido network consists of three network technologies GSM, 4G HSPA+ and now LTE – the new global gold standard of wireless technology. Fido wireless compatible devices fall back onto each network, assuring you have a network to fall back onto. Fido also offers its customers access to the FidoTM wireless network coast-to-coast and with over 300 roaming partners in over 200 countries your device will be compatible wherever you travel.



Customer Satisfaction Initiatives


Our Community initiatives included:

  • The optimization of our Community content,
  • A complete redesign, and increase in customer support,
  • Deliverance of a seamless self-serve flow for our customers.


The primary motivation behind our redesign was to increase customer satisfaction by making them feel welcome and comfortable to participate in the Community. Our optimization project in early 2015 served to clean up the content on the Community to ensure accuracy and relevancy, enriching the self-serve experience for our customers. In total, 6600 threads were reviewed and labelled and over 3000 posts were marked as the Accepted Solution. 2015 was also the year we increased the number of Community Moderators, for the purpose of offering better and timelier support. Furthermore, we’ve taken measures to be more transparent with our customers by keeping the Community up to date with information such as software and network updates, website changes, really anything that would be useful for customers to know.


For Social Media, our goal was to:

  • Differentiate ourselves by delivering best in class service
  • Improve and maintaining an excellent response time and resolution rate.


We created a team of multi-skilled specialists to service our customers on our Social channels and act as Fido brand ambassadors. Offering the best customer service while maintaining a great response time means having the best tools at your disposal. This is where LSW comes in as a game changer. Not only does LSW help our Specialists offer the best customer service thanks to features like Knowledge base and queue assignment, it also proved to be the perfect tool to keep on top of our response time. Our resolution rate and NPS score are testimony to how LSW has reshaped how we help our customers on Social Media.



Our Approach


For the Community, we wanted to improve our CHI score and response time while offering full customer support. As a company who takes pride in the quality of our customer service, we understand that answering customers in a consistent and timely manner is key to their satisfaction. The implementation of LSW and the redesign of our Community were crucial elements in achieving these objectives.

The redesign and promotion of the Community attracted more members to participate, which in turn generated more traffic and liveliness overall. Over time, these steady increases resulted in a healthier and more active Community (significant increase in CHI score).


The implementation of LSW was essential in managing these new volumes of activity. Thanks to LSW, we were able to reduce, control and maintain our response time strategy for public and private messages, while ensuring no one ever remains unanswered.


With the help of Lithium, we have developed a world-class peer to peer support Community. The outcome of using LSW to process our customers’ requests in Community and Social Media channels was outstanding and resulted in our customers being incredibly satisfied.  


For Social Media Support, we wanted to improve and maintain a best in class response time while increasing our NPS. LSW proved to be the best tool for us to achieve our goals, primarily thanks to the following features:


  • Analytics: Analytics helps us with reports and the analysis, such as our volumes (incoming posts, responses), response time, top topics…we can clearly see what our customers are chatting about, which allows us to address potential issues in a more efficient manner.
  • Tags: Tagging conversations gives us greater business insights, which in turn allow us to better serve our customers by identifying potential trends and proactively reacting to them, improving overall customer satisfaction.
  • Coaching: LSW is also a useful tool for coaching our specialists as it provides access to the conversation history, which in turn helps us deliver a better service to our customers.
  • Support: LSW helped us support the launch of FB Messenger and Twitter DM enhancement and in turn provided a better customer experience.
  • Pending: Having pending conversations sent back to our queue after 48 hours allows us to follow up with customers who stopped replying to us and therefore improves the customer experience and making us look on top of everything.
  • Rules and Routing: Through key words, we can proactively engage and offer help to people who are talking about us but aren’t actually reaching out to us. This shows our customers that we’re always willing to help and we’re not afraid to be proactive.  
  • Traffic control: The prioritization (Klout), snooze feature and ability to assign posts to different queues helps us better manage our responses, and keep a close eye on our response time.


Our results


Our CHI increased by 159 points (30% increase) and we successfully reduced our Community response time by 93%. For Social Support, we registered an NPS of over +60 by the end of 2015, and reduced our response time by 87%, meriting and keeping the Very Responsive Facebook badge on March 1, 2016.