Lithys 2016: Fido (Rogers Communications) - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2016: Fido (Rogers Communications) - Support Savings MVP

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Company: Fido (Rogers Communications)

Contact: Caroline Lalonde (Social Media Support and Community Manager)

Community: Fido Community

Lithy category: Support Savings MVP


Fido connects Canadians to the things they love through its ultrafast LTE network, as well as services such as Fido Pulse Plans and Fido Home Internet (Fido Home Internet currently only available in parts of Ontario).


Fido was originally launched by Microcell Solutions Inc. in 1996 and went on to revolutionize the wireless industry in Canada with a unique approach to pricing, a money-back satisfaction guarantee and more. Today, we continue to move ahead with new voice and data technologies as well as the latest in wireless Internet services to keep you connected to what matters most in your life.


The Fido network consists of three network technologies GSM, 4G HSPA+ and now LTE – the new global gold standard of wireless technology. Fido wireless compatible devices fall back onto each network, assuring you have a network to fall back onto. Fido also offers its customers access to the FidoTM wireless network coast-to-coast and with over 300 roaming partners in over 200 countries your device will be compatible wherever you travel.


Meeting Our Business Goals                   


Consumers have grown accustom to reading reviews and researching products online. “What do you recommend?” is a question anyone who’s worked in the servicing industry has heard. One of the greatest advantages of having a Community is that all this information is centralized, tabulated, searchable and kept up to date. Another great advantage is that a lot of traffic directed to the Community is traffic deflected from our contact centres, resulting in the reduction in operational costs.


In most communities, questions are answered publicly, but on our Community we answer our customers in private as well. This is very useful for when customers have questions concerning their services or account, requiring us to discuss and exchange confidential information. Our customers also love that we can treat their requests directly from the Community, as opposed to referring them to our other contact channels.


We also use the Community as a means of communication with our customers. For example, we inform our customers of upcoming software updates, Fido sponsored events, known issues, etc. This transparent approach is truly appreciated by our community members. But why stop there? Our contact centres also send our customers links to useful articles found in the Community, such as ways to pay your bill, ways to activate services, etc. The Community is used to support our customers even when they call in. Talk about versatility.


How do we keep track of all this information and manage all this traffic? That’s where LSW comes in.


LSW proved to be the perfect tool for our Community moderators, as it helped improve our response time by keeping on top of all Community posts, as opposed to sorting through them individually. To do this, we created a Community queue in LSW to receive all incoming Community posts. LSW allows us to “snooze” Community posts to allow time for our members to respond, based on our response strategy. We also created a common “FidoSolutions” Community profile, which we use for all of our Community PMs only, to make the process seamless from a customer perspective. In turn, this helped us be more efficient, improve our CHI score, response time, call deflection rates and resulted in cost savings.

LSW also proved efficient to help our Social Media Specialists to manage our incoming social media posts, improve on our response time and promote the Community thanks to the knowledge base feature. A single click allows us to answer our customers by sharing articles found within the Community and our website. It’s an incredible time saver and our Specialists and customers love it!

Here are some of the LSW features that help us deliver best in class service:


  • Community response time: Moderators can “snooze” posts for a certain amount of time, based on our response strategy. The snooze functionality is essential to our Community moderation process. We snooze non-account specific inquiries, to give other Community members a chance to respond. If no one responds, we step in and assist. This incredibly useful functionality ensures no one is ever left unanswered.
  • CommunityPMs: Moderators can take over the PM conversations from other moderators once their work shift has ended, greatly increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Information centralization: All customer information is now centralized, including contact info, and even notes for internal purposes.
  • Profile merging: LSW allows us to merge customers various social profiles, so we always know who we are speaking with.
  • Analytics and tags: This LSW feature helps us with reports and the analysis, such as our volumes (incoming posts, responses), response time, top topics…. Thanks to Analytics, we can clearly see what our customers are talking about, which allows us to address potential issues in a more efficient manner.
  • Rules and Routing: Through key words, we can proactively engage with people who aren’t specifically reaching out to us. This shows our customers that we’re always willing to help and we’re not afraid to be proactive.  
  • Klout: Allows us to prioritize influencers within our Queues and offer support accordingly.



Changing How We Operate


Based on our target market, the Fido brand's main focus is to enhance and grow servicing through self-serve. Our Community is a big part of this focus as it allows customers to help out other customers, and houses a lot of searchable information/solutions.


We are changing how we use the Community as a means of communication with our customers. We now use the community to inform customers about useful information which can reduce contacts to our other channels. We now inform our customers of upcoming software updates, known issues, etc. directly on the Community, and proactively refer them to the Community to increase our support savings. Amongst other initiatives our contact centres send our customers links to useful articles found in the Community, as opposed to spending considerable amounts of time over the phone discussing what a simple short and visual article can explain. Talk about versatility.


In the past, people would call, chat, and message us for updates and questions, but now all they need to do is visit the Community. If we know something’s up, we’ll post about it in the Community and let everyone know that we’ll update it as soon as we receive any news. So no need to contact us.


 Our Results


The integration of LSW as our primary Social Media and Community customer response tool proved to be seamless, stable and incredibly effective.




In 2015 alone, we successfully reduced our Community response time by 93% compared to 2014, and based on the information from our customer surveys we registered over $385K worth in call deflection savings from our contact centres. For our first quarter in 2016, our surveys are already indicating over $645K in cost savings.





Social Media Support


For our Social Media Support channels, we recorded over $325K in cost savings based on the information from our customer surveys. We also reduced our response time by 87%. For our first quarter in 2016, we’ve already registered over $110K in call savings.




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