Lithys 2016: GoDaddy - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2016: GoDaddy - Marketing Champion

Company: GoDaddy

Contact: Rachel Makool (Sr. Product Manager, Community)

Community: GoDaddy Community

Lithy category:  Marketing Champion




Our unique promotion 


One of GoDaddy’s top “rocks” = goals is to “Extend and Enhance our Customer Relationships” and as part of this, we launched our Community.


Our goals are to:

  1. Provide quick and immediate answers to customer questions to save them time while in the flow of their work.
  2. Encourage engagement of our customers to aid in learning of GoDaddy products and services to enhance usage.
  3. Enhance learning and engagement for our employees to increase understanding of customer's needs and expectations of GoDaddy


In order to kick off our new Community, we wanted to seed a lot of content. We decided to recruit customers that we named “Community Founders” to help us seed the content before going live.


Our strategy and tactics 


The strategy was to get a group of customers to help us seed content before going live. The tactics were to recruit customers through multiple methods like emails, phone calls and article in our Help content. We set a lofty goal of 200 customers. Asked them to sign up so we could reach out to them with more detail.


We recruited a group of customers through email campaigns and by reaching out to individuals to be “Community Founders”. We had 300 express interest and 50% of them (150 customers) registered and signed into the Community to help us seed content before the site went live on March 31st. These 150 customers were comprised of professionals (people who create websites, etc for other customers) and other small business owners. We spent 5 weeks working closely with them to create compelling content to launch the site with. They all earned a “Community Founder” badge and rank as a thank you and also to give them recognition in the Community as leaders.


Founder badge and rank icon:




The customers we recruited as Founders were GoDaddy customers for at least 1 year, active and own more than 3 of our products.


One of our Founders (username LoDoWeb) stated, "The community thus far is a great place to meet people. So far I enjoy it.”


In addition to the Founders badges, we created an “Early Bird” badge for any customer who registers within the first month of the launch in April.




We also created a “GoDaddy Pro” badge to recognize all “Pros” who are part of our GoDaddy Pro program. We will also have a rank icon for them shortly. This is a way for them to highlight their business expertise and potentially get business from someone who needs help building a website.




Our results


We exceeded our goals and got 300 customers to sign up. As of today, March 23rd, we have 80 customers registered and posting. We plan on launching within the next two weeks and hope to have more customers registered and posting before going live. Their posts have been very engaging! We created a “Founder” Badge to give them recognition for being early birds in our Community and will also create a “Founder” rank in order to attach a badge to their user name.


In the first month, we’ll have received 50,000-70,000 page views through email promotion, Twitter promotion (see below screenshot), exposure in Help (see below screenshot) and SEO. 






In addition, we have achieved over 2,000 completed registrations in the first month of our community launch.