Lithys 2016: HP - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2016: HP - Total Community All Star

HP_Blue_RGB_72_LG.gifCompany:  HP

Entry submitted by: Teresa Proffitt (Community Engagement Mgr.)

Community: HP Support Forums

Lithy category:  Total Community All Star


At HP, our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences that amaze.


Road to Lithium



HP Social Support Footprint


With one printer and 1.7 PCs shipping every second, HP has a large and growing installed base of customers globally. Our Support Community is vital to the HP customer experience, and we are always looking for ways to partner with Lithium to deepen customer engagement, improve response and resolution rates, while leaving no customer behind. We believe in the vision and value of a total community; the Lithium platform and Lithium Social Web are crucial to HP’s customer support operations success.


With more than 125 million visits per year, our communities must support a large volume of diverse customers — 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Previously, it took a great deal of effort to accurately monitor our forums and social media engagement between social agents and customers. Our implementation of Lithium Social Web (LSW) has empowered our moderators and agents to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively. We are able to route issues, questions, and service events quickly to the right teams, allowing us to create a more positive customer experience and create HP fans.


We are now able to create robust dashboards with precise filtering capabilities - supporting our goals of leaving no thread unanswered, increasing customer response time and accepted solutions. The ability to see real-time engagement metrics allows us to monitor our efforts, identify gaps and understand trends. The easy to use dashboards allow us to monitor agent workloads and make resource decisions based on the volume of activity.


Strengthening our Community


HP’s Customer Support Community focuses on engaging a variety of customer inquiries. Whether seeking general information, finding specific solutions, or sharing knowledge and insights, our forums and social media channels allow users to connect directly with our agents and fellow customers to get the most from their products.


Lithium has played a pivotal role in supporting us in the following key areas:

  • Lithium’s gamification package has educated & incented members on the types of activities we value. The gamification package has helped us move members across the engagement ladder, driving increased contributions over time. Our most engaged users are then rewarded with access to HP’s Inner Circle, a private forum where skilled employees & Experts converse. As members progress through the engagement ladder they are invited to a series of events including Expert Days, technical briefings, topic-specific Q&A sessions, global and regional meet-ups – with the intent of building an army of Super Users across the world.



Profile Page Badging


  • Lithium’s flexible platform allows us to enhance our community experience with custom components that showcase our expert users, top solutions, and similar topics. Using Lithium Studio, we have enhanced our community experience with a redesigned user interface that makes it easier for members to quickly access important information and for our users to share personal profiles and capabilities in a compelling format.



Home Page Redesign


  • The Lithium Monitor Wall showcases and tracks volume of conversations, activity, and community contributions within our social care environment. This, combined with Lithium Social Intelligence, enables us to accurately report community perspective, keep a pulse on our community, and capture our key performance indicators.



HP Social Customer Care Command Center


Our results




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YEA TeamHP -- awesome entry, great results and wishing you lots of luck.  Look forward to seeing the team at LiNC'16 this year!



Thanks @BeverlyD! And, thanks for all your support over the past year!


Great entry, @fifiproffitt!  So proud of our team 🙂


 Great results ! Wishing you all the best !


Great results 🙂


Congrats !!

HP Inc.--- Keep Reinventing ---


Impressive entry, impressive results. 


Impressive results indeed.  Strong growth, with such a large community, even after 7+ years!


What a team... way to go... Keep up the great work... HP Inc. rocks

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