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Lithys 2016: Orange Espagne SAU - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2016: Orange Espagne SAU - Total Community All Star

2000px-Orange_logo.svg.pngCompany:  Orange Espagne SAU

Entry submitted by: Santiago Martín Martín (Social Support Manager)

Community: Orange Community

Lithy category:  Total Community All Star 


Spain is the second market in importance for Orange Group, one of the most prominent telecom companies in the world, with more than 263 million clients during 2015.


Through different brands – Orange itself, newly acquired Jazztel, amena and Simyo, we have the trust of more than 19 million clients in Spain making daily use of our fixed and mobile services as well as TV.


Our road to Lithium


Two years ago, Orange Spain took the decision to take a big step in the social support of our customers. Lithium applications were a key enabler and platform for the execution of this new strategy on our two brands: Orange and Amena and newly on Jazztel. We decided to put in place a new social customer support model, mainly in Facebook and Twitter, focusing on customer satisfaction, resolution and response time.


LSW has helped us to build this new model and to get the highest performance of our support and comms teams. We have made extensive usage of tagging, queuing and reporting facilities of the application, getting the better efficiency of our agents who only have to be focused in solving our customer request and incidents.


On the other hand, we put a big focus in our superusers cultivation program, in fact we have used extensively gamification facilities of the Lithium community to get our superusers to create a big amount of solutions to other customers' issues.


During the last two years, our main business goal has been call deflection.




The benefits of us having both a community and LSW 


Community is the link between our social strategy and the website. Users are creators of many content that complement help & support contents. All our social marketing and customer support in other media is always referencing and linking community content.


Our results


With our Lithium-powered community, we reached 500k monthly visits, a 40% increase in the last year. Mainly, these visits are coming to communities to solve any doubts or problems. We have found that 27% of visitors surveyed say that they get their problem solved in their visit, so we are consistently saving costs around 500k euros per year. Regarding social media (Facebook and Twitter), we are very proud of achieving our goals of response time and customer satisfaction: we answer 91% of posts in our SLA time (1 hours), and we achieved 90% of customer satisfaction in these interactions.