Lithys 2016: PT. XL Axiata, Tbk - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2016: PT. XL Axiata, Tbk - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Untitled31.pngCompany: PT. XL Axiata, Tbk

Entry submitted by: Ariesa Pramudito  (Manager, Social Media, Digital Experience Transformation)

Community: XL Care 

Lithy category:  Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


PT XL Axiata Tbk. is one of the major cellular providers in Indonesia. XL’s focus is to provide digital services for the people of Indonesia as well as to encourage the development of Indonesia’s digital economy. XL commenced operations on the 8th of October 1996, and has wide and high-quality network across the nation. Since December 2014, XL began to deploy its 4G LTE network.XL is part of the Axiata Group. The Group’s mobile subsidiaries and associates operate under the brand name ‘Celcom’ (Malaysia) ‘Dialog’ (Sri Lanka), ‘Robi’ (Bangladesh), ‘Smart’ (Cambodia), ‘Ncell’ (Nepal), ‘Idea’ (India) and ‘M1’ (Singapore).


Our initiatives in 2015

We created the Rangers who have Lithium weapons and are the admin of XLCare Social Media. We see the concern faced by netizen customers is when the customer has a problem or a question about service, they send the question to the company, but they don’t know if they’ll received an answer by a human or a machine (bot). With the Rangers, customers feel that a real person is serving them. Customers can interact with people who have high skills, have a relationship with the communities, and understand customer service.


XL Care Rangers:



Lithium Social Web (LSW) is the weapon used by XLCare Rangers to directly connect with customers. Rangers using LSW for several purposes:


Fast response & monitoring Service Level target:



Quality monitoring (Conversation history checking):



The interaction / activity with followers/fans is not only questions and answers. We create some online & offline activities with our customers to build engagement and a close relationship with the customer:


1. #XLRangers, Social Media Journey activity by utilizing the Social Media Day (June 30, 2015).


We introduce XL Care Rangers to our new followers and give them challenges related to Rangers hobbies, then we give gifts to the winner.


2. #XLGames invite customers to play games easily as routine activity.



From this example, customers should answer the name of XL package (LDR package) by cross checking with the image given.


Sometimes we give gifts as a surprise for the winners. For example, we had special #XLGames by utilizing the Independence Day 2015 (August 17, 2015).

We gave free historical islands tour tickets to the winners (we invited Historia Community to give historical education to the participants).


3. #XLShare, sharing product & technology to customers as routine activity



In this example, we share a video editing application. We created a quiz game to build attention.


The most important customer issue we  were looking to solve via  Lithium implementation

The basic needs from netizens when they complain or ask in social media is a Fast Response and Solution. This fast response can generate positive sentiments from followers. LSW can fulfill this need to achieve XLCare KPI.


Here is the video about XLCare Rangers generating a fast response and solution with LSW:



To measure our fast response to customers, we set the target. We used SL (Service Level) as our target. Our SL target is 70% incoming posts should be responded to under 10 minutes. Rangers use LSW to provide faster response and solution by these features in LSW:


The easy-to-use interface has helped Rangers provide a fast response and solution.



Rangers can manage all incoming posts (filtering function, sort by function, easy to claim, easy to assign, etc) easily.



The easy to read conversation history between customers & XLCare has helped Rangers provide the best solution to the customer. It also helps our quality assurance team in analyzing Rangers’ quality answers / solution.



With Lithium, it’s easy to monitor SL’s hourly, daily, weekly & monthly achievement.



It’s also easy to analyze trends & anomaly issues by using tags which were needed to improve our quality as well as the handling flow.



Our Lithium implementation has answered our needs to give a fast response & solution to the customer.


XL Care SL Achievement (2015) :




We exceeded our SL target (70%) in 2015. We achieved 79.46% average in 2015.


By using Lithium, we were able to provide a fast response and solution to customer and reached 1.044.998 incoming posts (9% of total incoming volume) from all XL assisted touch points in 2015.










Walk in Center






Social media







 Our metrics


From the online & offline activities in XLCare social media, we use an NPS survey to measure customer satisfaction, as well as engagement rate.


1. NPS Mechanism :

We provide customers with a survey to recommend XLCare on a scale of 0-10.


0 – 6          : Detractors

7 – 8          : Passives

9 – 10        : Promoters


NPS formula:

NPS = Promoters (%) – Detractors (%)


We have our segmentation of customer, then we divide NPS in 2 kinds of NPS. Regular customer NPS & Premium customer NPS.


Regular customer NPS:

We send NPS survey to customer by the day after we give answer/solution to all customers. Regular customer NPS target is 55%.



We exceeded our NPS rate target (55%). We achieved an average NPS of 59.01% in 2015..


Premium customer NPS:

Every premium customer will have dedicated Rangers to answer and provide solutions to them. We also have initiatives to create engagement events with them. To determine our premium customers, we set the priority of customers using Lithium tags (choosing by number of followers & Klout score).




We give the survey links using Lithium as well.

We send our NPS survey to customers in batches (1 batch: 3 month) after we provide services and activities to our premium customers.




We exceeded our NPS rate target (70%). We achieved an NPS average of 75.48% in 2015.


2. Engagement Rate

We use an Engagement Rate to measure how interesting XL Care posts/tweets are on social media from the customer side.


Engagement Rate Formula:

Total number of times a user has interacted with a Tweet (Click, retweet, reply, follows, favorites) / Number of times users saw the tweet on Twitter * 100%




We exceeded our Engagement Rate target (1.8%). We achieved 2.09% average in 2015.