Lithys 2016: Telefonica Movistar - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2016: Telefonica Movistar - Marketing Champion

small.pngCompany: Telefonica Movistar 
Entry submitted by: Emilio Rodriguez Menendez ( Community Manager)

Community: Comunidad Movistar  

Lithy category: Marketing Champion


Telefónica is one of the world leading integrated operators in the telecommunications sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe and Latin America. It operates in 21 countries. As of December 2015, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 322 million.


Our community objective


Our community amounts to 1.6 million visitors on average every month, and our blog itself ( Movisfera ) gets near 200k visits every month. We launched the blog 2 years ago with the goal to create a destination for our users, a place where they could write their own thoughts and content, and a forum with an abundance of help content useful for a Movistar customer, a technology fan, or a regular user. By mid 2015, we became aware that the blog wasn´t fulfilling our goals. 90% of the content was Movistar staff generated and full of commercial articles, so it was  time to turn around the situation and get back to our objective of creating a true community.


Launching our collaborators program


We decided to give our users more leadership/relevance, so we launched our collaborator program publicly. We asked our users to join the blog staff and help others with their content published in the blog.


We also decided to add new, regular content to the blog in the form of help-oriented content called "Tip/trick of the week" and "Our recommendation of the week" which have become quite popular between our visitors and readers.


We were able to get 10 regular collaborators (those who have written at least one article per month ) to contribute. Additionally we created a new section in the blog called "User corner" and identified each and every single users article/post with a label that showed the post was non Movistar generated. 



 Captura de pantalla 2016-04-29 a la(s) 09.19.21.png

By the end of 2015, we celebrated our annual event with users and super users. We awarded the blog collaborator of the year (the person who had created the most content and achieved the most visits) with a trophy and a special gift. 




Continued  success with the collaborators program


By March 2016, the regular blog collaborators grew significantly. They have published more than 80 articles which have received (on an average of more than 3,000 visits per post) nearly 400,000 visits in less than one year. Especially popular have been the user j3gallo posts about cinema with thousands of visits and social shares.


The reach of their content has also been spread through our social networks’ official pages (Facebook and Twitter) in which we have shared their content with huge success within our followers (as shown in the following examples):





Results of the collaborators program


To summarize, the goals we have achieved with this project:

  • Blog visits and views have increased by 150% since May 2015
  • We’ve garnered more than 10 regular collaborators
  • The blog perception has drastically changed for the better-- from commercial content to user-generated content


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