Lithys 2016: USAA - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2016: USAA - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

usaa_0.pngCompany: USAA

Entry submitted by:  Bill Gerth (Director, Social Business)

Community: USAA Community

Lithy category:  Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Organizational Background and Customer Satisfaction Goals


USAA provides a full range of financial products and services to the military community and their families. Our world-class employees are committed to delivering superior products, appropriate guidance and exceptional customer service. We started as a word of mouth company, in 1922 when 25 Army officers met in San Antonio, Texas and decided to insure each other's vehicles they laid the foundation for an organization that would one day serve millions of members. USAA has earned its member’s trust by providing years of award-winning service through a comprehensive suite of financial products and advice. Our members expect excellence in customer service from a financial services organization that’s served generations of military families. Service, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity, USAA stands ready to serve.


Our members were asking for support through their channel of choice and USAA was committed to extending customer care in social networks. Meeting our member’s needs with the immediacy of social customer care is an extension of our commitment to service. USAA recognizes that member care is a mission critical deliverable. “We know what it means to serve” is at the root of everything we do. In 4 months we moved at the speed of social to implement an enterprise platform that would enable the gold standard for member social care.


USAA’s 2015 customer care satisfaction goals were to enable an enterprise platform which meets the needs of individual business units in the financial services and insurance industries, address social customer care, member complaint and communications needs, achieve an enterprise SLA of 30 minutes or less, reduce social acknowledgement time by a minimum of 15%, expand social customer care coverage addressing the immediate needs of our membership, reduce enterprise social customer care internal documentation by 25%, enable seamless customer care from social channels to internal CRM processes.


Customer Satisfaction and Business Accomplishments with Lithium Implementation


  • Through a joint effort with enterprise business partners, calculated planning, resource training and the implementation of LSW for social customer care USAA was able to:
  • Implement an enterprise platform for multiple business units
  • Meet the unique social customer care handling needs of our financial services business partners
  • Train an enterprise workforce of 104 users in 2 days to expand social customer care
  • Establish an enterprise social customer care SLA of less than 30 minutes
  • Reduce social acknowledgement time by 20%; 5% over goal
  • Expand social customer care from 8 business hours to 24x7 coverage
  • Reduce social customer care internal documentation from 24 hours to 1 hour; time on task savings of 95%
  • Establish seamless customer handling from social channels into CRM processes
  • Implement early alert system associated to key business indicators
  • Implement LSW Social Handle USAA CRM Single Member Profile.




USAA has been recognized year over year for our service and commitment to members on traditional communication channels.





Our implementation of LSW enabled USAA to meet our member’s social customer service needs with speed and efficiency. The net result is a reduction in time on task for business processes and FTE savings. With LSW USAA has an enterprise solution integrating managed properties like Facebook and Twitter with our Member Community, powered by the Lithium Community Platform. Our Member Community has over 300K members; this owned social property was an integral part of our strategy to maintain superior customer care where members demand our presence. The USAA Member Community has hosted over 8M unique visits with over 35K same session product application completions. 11 major business units at USAA utilize LSW with 6 key financial service business teams interacting with members in social channels on a daily basis.

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Amazing stats and results, @Team USAA -- great entry.  Good luck and can't wait to see the whole team at LiNC'16.