Lithys 2016: USAA - Social ROI Titan

Lithys 2016: USAA - Social ROI Titan

usaa_0.pngCompany: USAA

Entry submitted by:  Bill Gerth (Director, Social Business)

Community: USAA Community

Lithy category:  Social ROI Titan


Organizational Background and Social ROI Goals

USAA provides its membership access to competitive products, award-winning customer service and the tools and advice they need to make critical life decisions. As a financial services organization that has served generations of military families we know the importance of excellence in customer service. In 1922 when 25 Army officers met in San Antonio, Texas and decided to insure each other's vehicles, they laid the foundation for an organization that became one of the only fully integrated financial services organizations in America serving millions of members.


USAA acknowledges that social media is an important member service channel. In 2015 our Board of Directors required an end of year deliverable of the establishment of a social survey channel to measure the effectiveness of social customer care. The focal point of social customer care for our membership is the discovery of their immediate needs into full resolution with superior customer care. Our members want support through their social channel of choice and USAA is committed to extending customer care on our managed and owned social properties. USAA required business solutions which set the gold standard for member handling in social channels, facilitated dialogue management and meet the unique requirements of business units in the financial services, insurance and communications industries.


USAA’s 2015 social customer care and social business goals were to; establish a social customer care survey (2015 Board of Directors Deliverable), expand social customer care and social business strategies to managed and owned social properties, reduce social engagement SLA by 10%, reduce social acknowledgement time by a minimum of 15%, reduce cost of enterprise social customer care internal documentation by 25%, reduce cost for customer care from social channels to internal CRM processes, validate member community engagement and product acquisition metrics.


ROI from Social Customer Care, Social Business Initiatives

In 2015 our partnership with Lithium and Enterprise Business Partners USAA was able to:

  • Implemented a Social Servicing Experience Survey to measure and improve overall effectiveness of the channel, response rate at 15% (2015 USAA Board of Directors Deliverable used to determine overall corporate effectiveness score).
  • Establish an enterprise social customer care SLA <30 minutes
  • Reduced social acknowledgement time by 20%, 5% over goal
  • Reduced social customer care internal documentation from 24 hours to 1 hour; time on task savings of 95%
  • Eliminate internal email as a method for routing member inquiries to experts
  • 5 FTE savings through LSW Social Handle USAA CRM Member Match technology
  • Validate Member Community engagement, eligibility and product completion metrics


USAA knows that online identification processes were disconnected from a member’s true identity, and dissimilar to our internal CRM systems. LSW integration with our systems provides us a 'single member profile’. This ‘single member profile’ allows USAA to associate social insights with known member information and deliver the gold standard for social customer care.




Our members expect flawless interactions, regardless of the service channel, with personalized service. Our return on investment is a 95% reduction in time on task for multiple business processes and 2.5 FTE savings. USAA is effectively and efficiently recognizing our member’s preference for engagement through social media. With LSW USAA has an enterprise solution which integrates our managed properties like Facebook and Twitter with our Member Community; powered by the Lithium Community Platform. The USAA Member Community has over 300K members; this owned social property is an integral part of our social business strategy to maintain superior customer care in a member’s social channel of choice. USAA Member Community has hosted over 8M unique visits with 22% Eligibility Application Completion and 55.8% Product Application Completion Rates.

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

AMAZING #TeamUSAA -- the results you are seeing makes me wish all our customers could hear your story --- oh wait, now they can!  


See how this company is driving not only a great experience for their members, but also seeing a great return on their investment!


Good luck and hope you win this year!