Lithys 2016: Volia - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2016: Volia - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

CoUntitled14.pngmpany:  Volia

Entry submitted by: Yulia Shevchenko (Head of social media customer care)

Community: Volia Club

Lithy category: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Ukraine is the biggest territory in Europe.


VOLIA is a nationwide Ukrainian telecommunication provider that offers a set of modern telecommunication services: analog, digital, HD and interactive TV “VOLIA Smart HD” (OTT), broadband Internet and cloud services of the biggest Ukrainian Data-Centre.


VOLIA has a business across all biggest (by population) cities (except Odessa). And we are #1 Internet and TV provider across our footprint!

In 2015 the Company created and continue developing  six own TV channels − «VOLIA CINE+», «VOLIA CINE+ HD», «VOLIA CINE+ MIX», «VOLIA CINE+ LEGEND», «VOLIA CINE+ Hit HD» and «VOLIA CINE+ KIDS».







VOLIA is recognized as the best provider of digital entertainments by International Festival-Contest Choice of the Year 2015.


One of our company's strategic directions is digital care. Since 2014 Volia created client oriented and innovative environment to serve our customers online. In a year, we grew share of digital customer care from 48% to 71%.   Two great instruments – new customer self-care portal “My Cabinet” ( and customer’s community Volia Club (, drove that growth.


In March 2016, the customer self-care portal “My Cabinet” was awarded as Best Customer Experience Project on International Conference of Customer Experience in Budapest.


In 2015, we focused on answering 2 questions:


  • How to increase digital care possibilities to our customers – that impact CES and NPS
  • How to become closer to our customers and make them a real part of Volia


In 2014, our self-care included several IVR modules, a little of SMS informing, an ugly self-care portal that was designed as an old-school excel and old forum, that was driven just by moderators. All these instruments covered ~48% of interaction.


At the end of 2014, we delivered 2 great online instruments (a new self-care Portal and a Lithium-powered customer Community) in parallel with updating of IVR / SMS management. And in 2015, we made a leapfrog from 48% to 71%. They're incredible results, and we are proud of it!




The most important customer service issue we were looking to  solve via Lithium implementation


We love our customers and want to be their beloved provider with a long-term relationship! That's why it is necessary to by open-minded and a close-to-customer company.  It seems customers trust other customers the most. And people like to help other people and to be proud of it – especially if you offer them a proper environment for this exchange.


Knowing this, we set out to create Volia's online community. This high-tech platform gives great possibilities to manage a huge number of customer questions with little participation of Volia moderators. In addition, it has greatly increased customer brand engagement.


  • It’s really another attitude and principle of customer care
  • It's integrated not just with self-care but with Volia facebook/twitter account
  • It has an in-built, strong gamification that helps to involve customers into customer care and grow super users that become brand advocates




Community implementation both increased customer engagement, improved business process and impacted our Internet users' NPS and CES greatly!




1. Customer satisfaction

In May of 2015, we started to measure our Volia Club’s customer satisfaction among registered users (by Survey Monkey). The questionnaire was focused on ease of use, speed, and quality of answers inside the Community. And the key question was «What is your total satisfaction with the Volia Club».


The highest score was for quality of answers – 8.41 from 10. It’s really cool as 50% of all answers were given by community members!




2. The readiness to recommend Volia among the Internet-services users increased by 19 points (against 15 planned) all over the country and by +23 points among the audience in TOP-3 Internet cities (Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv).




3. The chain of complicated request solving became twice shorter!

Average response time decreased to 2 hours from 24 hours in 2014.


The chain of reply to customers now has 4 steps instead of 8.



Before Community launch



After Community launch



4. It’s impact on CES is improving!

This is due to both business process simplification and listening to direct complaints of customers and quick resolution!





5. In addition we improved efficiency!

The job of moderators has shortened by 39.3% (against 30% planned).



All visits were served by 4 people (2 FTE). Nearly 50% of inquiries are served by customers.


The share of the e-mail service assignment has shortened by 30% (against 25% planned).




We were the first and only provider in Ukraine that launched a customer driven community! In 2015, we arranged Volia’s top-management and best customer expert meeting to discuss Volia’s strategy. Our clients became part of the Volia transformation team!


As a result, community is one of quickest channels for customer feedback. It is first in asking, replying and clarifying information about all issues - from city outages to price changes and new product launches! Often urgent escalation helps to solve the problem before it has a big impact on business, or to prepare proper communications to the entire customer base, or to test new products before going to market!




At the end of 2015, Lithium implemented a new survey built into the system that allow to track CSAT among non-registered users! And it's our next target to increase satisfaction and engaging among newcomers in 2016!





The customers are positive towards the changes in the Company! The search and innovations implementation process is ongoing. Volia is open to the changes for the better!


During the year, 5 super-users* were developed in our community. They become the brand experts – they don’t only help us with answers to less experienced users, but also take a large part in testing of new products and giving recommendations to their development.

* in communities 5+ years – normally up to 10 super-users