Lithys 2016: giffgaff - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2016: giffgaff - Support Savings MVP

giffgafflogo(1).jpgCompany: giffgaff

Contact: Gregg Baker (Head of Community)

Community: giffgaff community

Lithy category:  Support Savings MVP


giffgaff, the UK based mobile network run by its members, has now been going strong for over 6 years. It was founded on the principal of having a community at the heart of everything. Be that Idea generation, business decisions and even our support.


We are an online only company, which means no retail stores and no pesky call centres to have to suffer when you need a helping hand. We found a better way, the right way, to do mobile with the support of our members.


Our customer care model


At giffgaff our peer to peer support model is not simply a way of saving money, or reducing cases, etc. It’s an approach we believe is the right way of doing things. Because of that, is is integral to how we function and operate as a business. 


From day one, we wanted to give our members the best tools and platforms and sit back and let them decide how they should be used, what the purpose of them should be. Lithium was our platform of choice and our Community pushes it to it’s limits – more than we ever could.


The giffgaff approach


Our approach was born out of a desire to disrupt an industry, challenge ways of thinking and be a cause members would be driven to back. We stand proud of the difference our members made, taking it from a brave new idea to an industry expectation.


6 years of doing something different, 6 years of trusting our members, 6 years of having members come together and deliver a better way. This is the giffgaff way of doing things, putting metrics behind something which we just believe in is a HUGE challenge. So, this is our best metric, 6 years going on 7.