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Integrate CRM with Social Engagement: It’s How Advocates Are Built

Khoros Staff
Khoros Staff



As you build your social media platform, consider how CRM integration with engagement processes helps create consistently excellent customer experiences.


At a practical level, when you know who your customers are–and not just their handles--you can relate to them as individuals based on past history. The result? Customers becomes advocates for your brand based on truly personalized experiences. Consider the impact: great customer experiences combined with solid product and service experiences create great stories.


Stories, in turn, serve two purposes.

  1. Stories form an easy device through which to advocate. When your customers have stories they can relate the positive qualities of interaction with your firm more easily. “Speaking of that, I remember once when…” is much more impactful than “Oh, I see you’re buying ____; I use that too.”
  2. Stories help customers fully articulate the joy that leads to (or expresses) advocacy. Rather than a recommendation, which is clearly valuable on its own, an articulation of joy or other positive emotion helps potential purchasers get excited as they begin to see themselves as customers. And that, of course, drives conversion.


So there is a business benefit in encouraging connected individuals to share stories about great service. But there’s another that’s even more important: by linking your social response effort to CRM you avoid chasing “high followers” and forsaking your best customers.


Linking CRM to social care ensures that you don’t appear to ignore—on any channel—your best customers simply because they have a modest social media footprint. Connecting your CRM to your social engagement tools alerts agents who otherwise may pass over a customer request. After all, if actual business data is absent, the only information agents have to go on is a Twitter profile and perhaps a prior interaction. Such profiles are typically limited and rarely contain brand passion or loyalty.


However you do it, as you develop your engagement strategy, be sure to think about how your agents will identify and respond to requests received via social channels, not only according to “social channel status” but also to actual, business-value status. That will ensure that you create a uniformly great experience, thereby encouraging your customers to share their own stories about your brand with others.