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Our Ideas Exchange has long been an avenue for community users to share ideas on product enhancements, and vote on ones they’d like to see. We took a look at our Ideas Exchange recently, and realized that there was a challenge with so many statuses. ...
by Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired) in Tech Blog latest reply a week ago
We are integrating our Social Media team into our Telco KPI's and would like to determine the optimal way to measure agent efficiency utilizing Average Handle Time and our In-focus and Out-of-focus metrics. Our goal is to determine agent efficiency n...
by Occasional Contributor iainjoyy1 Occasional Contributor in Strategy latest reply a month ago
What are the optimal 3 or 4 KPI's to be used to determine performance at a Social Media agent level. primarily focused on agent efficiency and handle time, customer satisfaction, resolve.
by Occasional Contributor iainjoyy1 Occasional Contributor in Strategy posted 12-12-2019
Is there a way to hide a specific board from appearing in the Recent Activity feed on the homepage?
by Occasional Contributor PCG_Austin Occasional Contributor in Strategy latest reply 12-05-2019
Hello! I'd like to know in your communities, which KPI's are you using measuring for measuring "success" of the community. We have lots of kpi's that we measure but we have not really that KPI or OMTM that says if the community is working or not. Can...
by Contributor Paulavb94 Contributor in Strategy latest reply 12-04-2019

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