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Is there a way to hide a specific board from appearing in the Recent Activity feed on the homepage?
by Occasional Contributor PCG_Austin Occasional Contributor in Strategy latest reply Thursday
Hello! I'd like to know in your communities, which KPI's are you using measuring for measuring "success" of the community. We have lots of kpi's that we measure but we have not really that KPI or OMTM that says if the community is working or not. Can...
by Occasional Contributor Paulavb94 Occasional Contributor in Strategy latest reply Wednesday
Calling all you fabulous, wise and experienced Community Managers! If you were to write a letter to your past self as a new Community Manager, what tips or nuggets of wisdom would you share? Personally, I wish I had known how JUST important it can be...
by Khoros Alumni (Retired) KerriW Khoros Alumni (Retired) Khoros Alumni (Retired) in Strategy latest reply a month ago
Hi guys,our community is almost 5 years old by now and I want to hear your thoughts around our situation and maybe your recommendation.During these years we have grown quite good if you look how much we´ve got new members and traffic. But if you look...
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Strategy latest reply 09-10-2019
Hi Everyone!! We’re trying to find a way to send a specific survey to members of the community and got a response. We want to measure the experience of anonymous users vs users who register and get help in the community. Ultimately we want to be able...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Strategy latest reply 08-29-2019
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