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Engaging Introverted Community Members

Hi everyone!


I am a community manager for a career development website. Our audience comprises of corporate tax professionals and tax/accounting students (very niche community). This group tends to be very introverted and I've been having a hard time engaging members on our forum. We emphasize that it is a private community for members only and we give everyone the option to post anonymously so they feel more comfortable.


Any suggestions on how to engage introverted community members?



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Re: Engaging Introverted Community Members

Hi @lincoln2015,


What percentage of community members are posting regularly? I'm sure you're aware that in most communities the vast majority of members simply lurk. This can make it very difficult to build an engaging community with lots of regular content if the size of your community is reasonably small. The harsh reality might be that it will be incredibly difficult to have a viable private community despite your best engagement efforts. In addition to producing plenty of engaging content, I would be recommending looking at ways that you can open up the community to as wide an audience as possible.


Good luck,




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Re: Engaging Introverted Community Members

I am not sure I agree with the thesis that an introvert means you are less likely to participate in an online community. An introvert is not anti-social, shy, or unable/unwilling to socialize; they just prefer smaller interactions and are comfortable being alone. Since you typically engage online by yourself with a smart phone or computer, I don't see the cause and effect, but I doubt your intent was to start a cognitive psychology debate. Smiley Happy


To your question: You didn't state what kind of engagement you were looking to increase (registration, views, responses, posts?), but generally speaking, I would look into a gamification strategy using badging, roles, rankings, etc. that is targeted towards the behavior you want to encourage and increase. This can work for private and public communities and any kind of persona. Whether it is a hotel loyalty program or Pokemon Go; gamification works if implemented correctly. 


Lithium does have a workshop and product on this topic that I recommend, but you can find information online as well.


Another option is to ask the user base. Maybe there are reasons they are not participating that you are able to address and resolve.


Good luck.




Re: Engaging Introverted Community Members

thayerg wrote:


Another option is to ask the user base. Maybe there are reasons they are not participating that you are able to address and resolve.





We spend a lot of time hypothesizing, making educated guesses, and looking at data to see if we can solve problems. Sometimes the easiest and best approach is to simply ask.