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Find IG accounts by percentage of re-grammed mentions

Hi guys,


One idea we had is to post pictures that are likely to be featured by some influencers.

Not sure if I am being too naive, but we imagined could be good is to build a list of IG accounts who offer to mention them if you want to be featured (= re-grammed), then see how many people actually post per day mentioning them (or the hashtag), and how many of such requests to be featured are successful.

In other words, we want to find a good balance between trying to be featured by someone who has 100k followers and receives 10,000 requests per day, but only features 1 per day, and rather find niche influencers who only receive 5-10 requests per day but feature 1-2 a day and have say 10k followers.


Is there something like that on Klout?



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