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I dont understand Analytics at all



I am new in LSMM and I have to make a report about Agents performance. I dont understand why sometimes handled cases are different than Responses and Closed. What does it mean Handled cases? How does this metric counts? 

Please help me!! 


Is there any glossary I can read? 



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Re: I dont understand Analytics at all

Hi @satoshiat

Let's see if we can get some more help in here. But first, perhaps this might be a good starting point.

This section here  is specifically for Lithium Social Media Management Analytics (what a mouthful!)


There are some great articles here that you might want to browse through but my eye got stuck on the Team Analytics section and thought it might be useful for you.

@DanK shared this link to an article with recent LSMM analytics updates in another conversation which might also be useful as it contains the list of metrics and their descriptions.

Hopefully this can get you started. If not, feel free to share a screenshot of what you area you're in in LSMM and others may be able to chime in (I am no experts on LSMM unfortunately) or reach out to your customer success team?

last but not least. There are some online training courses available. Are you familiar with the Lithium campus? You might want to check this out or get more information.


Cheers and good luck!

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