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Ideas for Running Live Chat/Video/Blog in Your Community

As a Customer Success Director, I get questions from customers pretty often.  Recently I was asked about the ability to host/run Live Chat events from the Community.  Here are some suggestions provided -- if you have others, please join the conversation and share how you are doing this in your community!



Sephora runs live chats on BeautyTalk pretty frequently, but they don’t use any special functionality. Basically,  they just enlist a brand founder to answer beauty questions in the forum. They promote the time where the founder or makeup artist will be online, and clients ask questions in real time and the founder or makeup artist answers. They usually last an hour and we do it once or twice a month.


Here are some recent examples:



You can also host a live event via a discussion thread or a blog article, and there are quite a few platforms that would give you the ability to embed a live streaming video. Here are a few examples using different methods:


  • Google Hangouts: Here’s how to embed a live streaming video. Our community team uses this for On Air with Lithium events on Lithium’s View Blog. Members can participate   by posting comments and/or tweeting to our handle @LithiumTech using the event hashtag.
  • Ustream: The livestream of LiNC '14 video is no longer streamable, but you’ll be able to see what it looks like embedded in the article.
  • Cover It Live: Other customers have used the Live Q&A feature for the same purpose.
  • No video: I’m sure you’ve talked with Candace about Sephora’s Live Chats with beauty experts that they run in a discussion board thread.  
  • Community-wide: HP holds Expert Days throughout the community, rather than in a single thread. Members of their expert superuser program will respond to questions in the categories where they have expertise. This generates a lot of new threads across the community, rather than confining the discussion to a single thread. 



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Re: Ideas for Running Live Chat/Video/Blog in Your Community

Thanks for the post @BeverlyD


I do think there can be a lot of value from live events. However, in a recent prioritisation session with other community managers, there didn't seem to be a huge appetite for adding livechat functionality to the Lithium platform. I'm interested to see if there is demand for it though. Perhaps those keen for the functionality should add comments and votes to this idea (although it is old...)