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[LSW] Social Agent Performance-based Bonuses and CSAT

We're ramping up our social programs and want to provide our Social Agents with the same incentives that Agents contributing to our Chat, Voice, and Email LOBs receive.


As a rule, we emphasize quality over quantity and CSAT above all else. While I am also hoping to introduce methods of measuring CSAT on Twitter, Facebook, and Community, we don't have any systems currently in place.


We're tracking all the key Agent Performance metrics through LSW, but none of these metrics strike me as particularly good measures of quality + performance, considering the more challenging questions may be escalated within the group to the more tenured agents who may have to spend more time crafting a response and will therefore be sending out less responses overall. (Data so far proves that this is true and that top performers and bottom performers rank similarly with Response HT and Responses/Resolutions per hour.) With that in mind, we are limited to measurements like:

  • Quality (based on a standard scorecard and thoughtful QA/coaching process)
  • Attendance 


Other LOBs include:

  • Agent Rating (derived from CSAT survey)
  • CSAT
  • FCR


What does your Social Agent Scorecard look like? Do you have any CSAT or Agent Rating solutions for Social?