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Promote Support Knowledge Base to TKB

Hi Community, 

We are new to the LI Community Platform and looking to implement a Support-based community to help provide more self-service to our clients. 

We are using Zendesk as our Support portal and to meet this goal of self-service, are looking to have our agents promote more cases to KB articles, but don't want them to have to leave Zendesk in order to do so. Has anyone built out an integration between LI and Zendesk or have any other thoughts about how to integrate a Support KB into the TKB workflow to help build out knowledge with LI? 

(We don't have a federated search tool, so want the Support KB to live in Lithium as we are having customers submit cases already through LI.)


Thanks  in advance for any feedback! 

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Re: Promote Support Knowledge Base to TKB

@jdcahn618 - Send a PM to you with details around this.

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