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Reporting on Hot Topics

Hi everyone,


We are thinking about strategies for acting on and reporting on hot topics.  Does anyone do any "Hot Topic" reporting or tracking?  I don't see an API field (although could easily just be missing it Smiley Very Happy) but suspect even with a field it would be challenging to report on  as hot topics change and time out of this status. 

Just curious to see if anyone else has tried something with tracking/monitoring/reporting success with regard to behavior on hot topics!




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Occasional Contributor GlennD
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Re: Reporting on Hot Topics

One approach I have been using lately is to look the most viewed posts in LSI for the last week or even day. I then go in to each one and make sure that they have an accepted solution if one is available, or that they are being worked on. Another tool I use is the Real Time report in LSI Labs section, so I can see which topics are being viewed in the current hour.


Khoros Staff DeannaB
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Re: Reporting on Hot Topics

Hi @khill

When I do weekly reporting for clients,  it includes a Hot Topics section.

To select these I enter the dates for the reporting week in LSI , go to the Forums Overview and then select conversations.   Here you can you can get the posts had the most views, the posts with the most replies, posts with the most number of kudos  etc... which will give you an indication of what was "hot" that week.

Hope this helps

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