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Software companies: Have you linked your community within your software product?

Hi all, I'm a community manager at SAS Institute. This question is for Lithium's software company clients. One of my stakeholders would like to include an inapp experience within a software product. Have any of you done this? What does it entail? How have your customers received this capability. Many thanks!

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Re: Software companies: Have you linked your community within your software product?

Hi @BeverlyBrown

We have the simplest in-app integration possible: An "Ask the Community" menu item in the help menu in the Skype apps. We have actually enriched it with the sign in tokens so app users land on the community in a signed in state, so they can interact (kudo, ask, reply) right away.

We actually added these in-client links a while after the community launch in an effort to increase reach. So we could quite well see the impact across metrics. We have seen up to 10% of monthly traffic sourced from within clients.


Some tipps:

  • When you are using SSO into your community add the login token to the link to ensure quick registration conversion and frictionless community participation
  • Instrument the in-client link with tracking (including software platform and version) so you can track and optimize usage and conversion
  • Pick a link location appropriate to your community focus: Support communities can have a link in the "Help" menu or within your app settings, while with education and marketing communities you might want to scatter community links next to app interactions that offer entry points to "learn more" experiences
  • Also make sure the title sets the right expectations ("Get support", "Tips from the experts", "Ask the Community" etc.) and doesn't compete or overlap too much with nearby menu items/links
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