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Survey strategy - sending survey to registered users who get a reply - Need feedback :-)

Hi Everyone!!

We’re trying to find a way to send a specific survey to members of the community and got a response. We want to measure the experience of anonymous users vs users who register and get help in the community. Ultimately we want to be able to get to more actionable data as well and for anonymous users that’s a challenge. For a registered user, it’s more insightful and if we can improve this experience, we think the anonymous experience will benefit.

Now. We’re noodling on the “How to achieve this”

I am wondering if any of you have a separate survey for your registered users/users who posted a question & got a response.

We’re thinking along the following lines at the moment.

A member registers. This member posts their question (original post). After a while, someone responds to the question. The member gets a reply 😊

Now, when the member gets a reply obviously something in the system knows as the user will get the email notification informing him/her about getting a response.

We display the content of the reply in the email and the user can click on the subject line as it links to the reply in the community.

See snippet below. The yellow highlight is the content of the reply. The subject line is clickable.



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The question. Assuming the system indeed knows this user received a response, would it be possible to develop an algorithm or any automated process that will send of an email to this user, or a private message for that matter with a standard text and a link to the survey we want to pop.

Has anyone played around with this. Is this something that can be achieved with value analytics or custom development.

💡Any thoughts or ideas are welcome as we are exploring this from the ground up.


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