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7 Months of Issues, WHEN Will They Be Resolved?

I, and others, in the forum I belong to have complained about this for at least 7 months. So far, Lithium has offered no resolution to the problem.  It concerns inserting images using IE. Sometimes, though rarely, they place correctly. Mostly they don't. This past week, I have had every image I attempt to place end up in the wrong place when the post is made when I use IE. The only cure is to use an alternate browser, which I have done. Everything works fine when using SeaMonkey. Others report it works like it should using FireFox. The problem is many people still use IE. If it works in other browsers, it should also work correctly for IE users.


I just completed a test post of image insertion in a forum. Below are screen shots of the results. Again, this is normal IE behavior. The first image is what I saw while composing my post.  

First of all, Image placement test with IE8 should be at the top. Everything else should be BELOW it.



ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 23 09.59.gif


Pegasus is to the left.


Go red is to the right, but in the wrong place. It should be next to text this should be to the right.  You don't see the words to the right in the screenshot because there is a big gap between where the image above should be and the words to the right, and that did not get captured.


Beach scene totally wrong. this (beach scene here)  should be inline.




This image is what actually showed on the screen after posting:




ScreenHunter_11 Sep. 23 10.15.gif


Using SeaMonkey: correct placement


ScreenHunter_12 Sep. 23 10.44.gif


Lithium states "We want this to be the best community it can possibly be! So let us know what you think, or how we can help improve your experience on the Lithosphere."


So far, this is not the best community I'm involved in. Our admins have let you know what we think, how you can improve the experience, but this, along with other issues that have been going on for months, has not been resolved and nothing has changed toward getting things improved.


Edit to add: I have no clue if this is an across-the-board issue or specific to one forum. Nor do I care. If it's broken for even one, it needs to be fixed.  The insert function has amnesia when it comes to IE and has no clue how to behave and work.

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Sorry you are having a problem in your community aupinktoes!


But it doesn't look like this is a universal problem. I'm not having any problems with image positioning using IE8 here, as below:



 Image is to the left




Image is kenji_sm.jpg inline


Image is to the right kenji_sm.jpg


Of course, that doesn't mean it is not an issue on your community, just not a general one across the Lithium platform. Are you an admin on your community? If so, what is the version you are running there? And did you submit a case to Lithium on this?


Also, it might be helpful for you to post a link to a problematic post on your community so we can take a look at the underlying html, see if there is anything going on.



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for submitting this issue, we will investigate the problem and work on a resolution for getting the experience more consistent across browser types.  We will be following up with you specifically regarding the reports from your admins, as we’d like to understand what has been going on there and resolve that as well.

Occasional Advisor

I am not an admin. Just a fed-up-with-the whole-thing member of the community. Our admin reported the issue, along with others, months ago, and nothing was resolved.  Unfortunately, I cannot post any links because the community is only available to customers of my ISP and if you are not a customer, you won't have access to it.


AlvaT, it would be best if you contact me via pm if you need any additional information.  I certainly hope the issues with IE can be resolved SOON.  I, and others, are tired of waiting on a fix that never happens.


I decided to post here mostly to vent. This week has been worse than usual when inserting images using IE.  I reached my breaking point this morning.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Dear aupinktoes, I responded to your PM about the image on IE issue as well as the issue with moving a post. Please review. Thank you.