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Adjust lithosphere design on support page

Unfortunately, the "submit case" button used to complete your submission in the support area is gray. Most computer users now immediately recognise a grayed-out button to mean that it is de-activated and never see it unless there are no other available options.


Further exascerbating the frustration is that this button has the same name ("Submit Case") as another button on the page, which is orange and takes you to a page where you can submit a request, which happens to be the page you're already on. Smiley Indifferent


My suggestion is to:

  1. Change the verbiage of the buttons site-wide so that one says "Create Case" and the other says "Submit Case"
  2. Remove the "Log New Cases" box from the area where cases are submitted, this only serves as a point of failure and has no benefit to the user as it causes the page to, essentially, link to itself.
  3. Change the color scheme to show the "Submit Case" button as an "active" button to allow users to more easily find and interact with the support area.

Thank you for your consideration. I've included an image that illustrates the two buttons I'm speaking of.

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