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Cannot link to my Twitter account

I cannot link to my twitter account.
Help says below,
  1. From any community page, click My Settings and click the Twitter tab.
  2. Click Twitter Settings and click Link to my Twitter account
But I couldn't find "Twitter Tab " in my settings.Does this mean "Social Connect"?
Only I could do was to choose  "View Twitter streams " On/Off.
I want  to tweet from the community and post to the community from Twitter
by linking to my Twitter account.
Thanks for your help!
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Yes, my settings -> Social Connect - >Twitter settings


From there, I do see the box to view twitter streams, but there should also be a grey button for you to link your twitter account.  When you click it, it should trigger a pop up from twitter where you sign in with your twitter ID and password, and then I believe there is some allow request that you need to accept for Lithium to access twitter, and then you should be all set.


Depending on how your community is set up, there are multiple levels of twitter capability which are made available to users in the community via different permissions.  The ones that most relate here are:


1) Allow user to view twitter streams

2) Allow user to create a topic or send a reply from a twitter stream, or tweet a post.

3) Allow user to tweet from the community Twitter account

4) Allow user to create a Twitter badge


These permissions are typically defined as part of a particular role, and then either manually assigned to a user, or configured through the rank system so that the role with the appropriate permissions is applied when the user achieves that rank (and trust) level in the community.


If this is on your community, check your settings and / or check with your community admin to see if your account has the appropriate settings.  You will need permission #1 and #2 to see the twitter streams, and to reply to them, bring in a tweet and start a discussion, or tweet to promote community content via your own twitter ID.  If the community has a company or community unique twitter (accounts) they can be configured if you have permission #3 based on your role, so that you can tweet either as yourself or the company/community ID.   Permission #4 allows you to create a custom twitter background that shows your community affiliation and stats from your community user ID.


If your question is specific to your account here on the Lithosphere, I would suspect it could be that your current rank doesn't have that permission yet.  PaulGi or other Lithosphere admins can probably advise you if that is the case.   Hope this helps!


Best regards,



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Thanks for the advice!


Yes,my question was specific to my account on the lithosphere.

I didn't know that there's a permission system related to ranks.


Are there any documents explaining about account rank and permission of twitter posing?

I'd like to know when I will be able to post twitter from my account.


Best regards,