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Get your name in bright lights....


My name is suddenly bold and pink! (there are so many jokes which could be added to this sentence, I wouldn't be British if I didn't giggle just a bit)


I am guessing you are playing with adding a more visual style to your ranks!?  Well, since this forum is all about our opinions.. Can I offer mine?


I don't like it! :'(


I have seen a few sites which change the colour of user names based on ranks, and I have to admit, I find it looks... Well a bit, garish.


What might work, is pick one or two colours (hue) and use different brightness or saturation settings to denote rank. That way the change is subtle, doesn't break the design principle of the site and doesn't make my eyes bleed!




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Yes, I think we could stand to improve the rank color scheme somewhat. Keeping it to one to two colors in the new design makes a lot of sense, given all the other colors going on here.


I still want to add some differentiation between the different types of ranks, though. I'll work with DavidGR and team to see what we can do!

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I kind of liked the bright pink, but, then, it coordinated nicely with my pink ears... 🙂


Scott, when you're considering new rank colors, can you pick something that contrasts better against the background of the leaderboards?  Poor Mark, Roxy and Potential just blend in there.





I've just come across the same issue while designing a new skin - I had a white body for the main body content and black right hand side modules, similar to here.


As a designer the solution would be to change the colour of the ranks when they appear on the right hand side, but that means having colours to denote rank in the first place would be pointless.


Its an annoying thing from a design point of view, but something I had to get around.  I decided on a colour somewhere in between, a light greyish colour

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I think that a grey color is the direction we are likely to go in, so we're spending some time on other ways to differentiate ranks. We're definitely keepin our UX design folks busy. Smiley Happy


Yeah, I would have to agree, these colors are a bit pastel "ish" I feel like Easter has fallen over the Lithosphere 😄

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ScottD wrote:



Let us know if you have any questions/comments about the new rank icons!


The new ranks look great! The added symbols infront of the names add a distinctive touch.  Each small symbols make it a lot easier to quickly identify users.



I actually missed the color at first.

It was a quick way to find users. usual, the new theme grew on me.

The icons are pretty cool and have gotten me thinking about something similar with our community.

The beauty is that it's usually an easy change. Playing around with things can bring out some wonderful new looks.




"May The Community Be With You"

I like that the crazy colours are gone, but I wonder if grey is too far the other way?


Its a tough one!