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Hello! A question, if I may...

I've just signed up to the Lithium community here, and I would like to know if there is a way I can contact Joe Cothrel through e-mail. I participate in the Comcast Community Forums, and I have a specific question that I would like answered.


I really don't know if this is the proper way to start a dialog with you folks, I apologize if it isn't. Could someone help me out with this? I'd appreciate it very much!



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Khoros Guru

Hello Rocx!


While we encourage questions within the Lithosphere community, we cannot guarantee a specific person will answer a question, you can attempt to send a private message to Joe here in the community, and you are more than welcome to interact with him in his blog.  Please just be aware that he may be unable to answer your specific questions.


If it's a question you think someone else may be able to answer, please feel free to send a private message my way and I'll see what I can do. 🙂


If you have a sales related issue, please make sure to call our sales line.




-- Aubrey

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Thanks for responding, AubreyL...

First of all, having participated in the community forum @ Comcast since March, I would like to commend the folks here at Lithium for running a great message board. I'm sure that at times, especially in the Election 2008 forum, it was quite a handful, and the administrators and moderators did a fine job at keeping things relatively sane. Thanks for all that you did!


Okay, this is a bit of a strange request, and it needs a little background information to fully understand what I'm asking for...


Earlier this year, in that same Election forum, a thread was started that was really just a gesture of frustration over the numerous duplicate threads on a certain topic. The thread was entitled "No previous Chelsea thread could hold my insights". It got a few responses that day, most of them light-hearted humor, a fairly remarkable thing considering the tensions and overall heated exchanges that were the norm on that forum. The responders really didn't think much about it at first, but over the next few days, something began to happen. What was really just an attempt to point out the ridiculous over reaction to what the daughter of one of the candidates said to a reporter morphed into what I, and others, feel was a particularly brilliant piece of political satire. It was non-partisan, there was little or no "trolling", "flaming" or "baiting", it welcomed and attracted many readers and participants, and was sort of a "port in the storm" for many of the posters on that forum. It featured custom graphics, plagarized and spoofed bits of famous literature, obscure references to other topics and even some "hand-crafted" songs. What was particularly special about this thread is that it allowed a group of intelligent people to gather and exercise their minds amidst the chaos of a political forum. It grew to over 5000 posts, and it stood in the middle of the forum like a "gentle giant", offering a break to those people who were active on the forum, a place where they could laugh a bit about the absurdity that comes

along with political campaigns.


The thread was allowed to remain until late in October, when it was the decision of the administrator to close it. Not just put a lock on it, but to remove it completely from the forums. I'm not questioning his decision; it is his/her forum to run as he sees fit. What I and others are somewhat upset about is the fact that 8 months of intelligent, original and at times hilarious satire was removed and put somewhere unaccessible. We would have really liked the opportunity to at least save it in some form or another, and perhaps repost it somewhere else on the Internet. The thread reappeared for a few hours on the last day of the election forum, but none of the interested parties had either the time or the knowledge to save it. We have been able to retrieve a small portion of it from cached files from some of the search engines, but the vast majority of it, and most of the really superb work, remains out of reach...


So, here's the question. Is it possible for Lithium to somehow make the thread in it's entirety available to those of us that would like to save it for posterity? I'm not asking that the thread be reopened on the Comcast forums, at least not permanently, but maybe just long enough so that we can save screenshots of the pages and be able to repost it elsewhere. Even some kind of data transfer, or a CD, anything that we could use to recreate what we feel is something worth saving. 


That thread, as odd as this may sound, was special. It made that particular forum unique to the Internet. It was the number 1 result on Google for "Chelsea Thread" for weeks and months. It probably helped drive traffic to the forums, and I believe it strengthened the community @ Comcast. It took what could have been another typical political forum and made it something special.


I'm sorry for the length of this message, but after hours an hours of searching the web for remnants of something filled with what some might call the intellectual property of some really outstanding members of the community, I felt I had to go the next step, and see if you folks at Lithium could help us out.






Hello Rocx,


Thank you for the story!  I know what you mean about a thread being special.  I've definitely experienced similar threads that touched me, that I wish I would have had the mind to keep while they existed.


If you haven't, I would suggest you talk to the moderators over on that community about the thread.  They're really the best ones to answer the question about whether or not something can be restored.  Also, it may not exist there, but has had some of the threads I was searching for in the past, so you may want to check for it there.

[Fixed the link - Aubrey]
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Thanks, AubreyL for the link! I'll give it a look see!



Hi Rocx,

I just took your words and did a google search on "chelsea thread", and it resulted in this thread:


Is this one not the same?

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No, WillY...that is a thread that was started after the original was "put to rest" when the section of the forum was closed after the election. It features most of the same participants, and the sense of humor is intact, but the clever satire is missing...


I've spent days trying to locate bits and pieces of the original using Google's cached pages, to save to my computer and then repost on a blog I opened specifically to preserve the thread, but I've exhausted every concievable search term. I've been to the Internet Archive, and unfortunately, there isn't any old pages there either. The only way I can think of to retrieve the original thread is to have opened again, even for just a day or two and even if it's in some far off corner of the community, just long enough for me to save each page so that I can recreate it on the blog...


I realize that this seems to be going a bit overboard for something that probably doesn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, it's only a discussion in the minds of some folks, but having completed an historic election, that "discussion" is really a unique piece of "history", as it were. The circumstances that brought that thread about will never happen again, and although it probably will never become a well-known or appreciated piece of satire, it did bring together a group of people that would never have formed a "neighborly" relationship. 




I do thank you for taking interest in this little dilemna, though. And if anyone else has any suggestions as to how to retrieve thread, I would appreciate it!



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Have anyone at the Comcast community try to reach out to the admins and moderators there? They are likely your best bet to help you. While I can't guarantee anything, I'll pass this thread on to some Comcast mods, if they have not yet noticed.



I like the previous poster have been a loyal Comcast customer and have participated in the Political thread referenced and more recently in the News and Current Events Thread. I like many other conservative posters have been banned from participating in this forum for merely expressing my conservative views. Although Comcast has outsourced its message board moderation to your firm perhaps to limit liability, I believe Comcast has a civic, moral, ethical and perhaps legal obligation to keep its moderation fair and even handed. Because Comcast gets tax breaks from local government and because they are a dominant ISP and are a gateway to the internet controlling many eyeballs they have an obligation to do so. In fact similiar freedom of speech issues pertaining to Comcast and other ISPs are currently being looked into by the FCC. Do you care enough about Comcast Customers to have both conservative and liberal moderators policing potentially partisan comments on the Current News and Events? If not, I suggest you take it under consideration. This current type of slanted moderation is no less than social engineering. Many Conservative Posters have suggested taking their business elsewhere because of your moderator's slanted policing. Just to let you know, I have contacted several newspapers, local congressmen, the ACLU and Comcast. I believe it is outrageous for an ISP to engage in such behavior and plan on taking action and enlisting others to do so. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.




--Tom aka "skillsss" 

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*rolls eyes*

*shakes head*

*walks away*


(FYI...I do NOT agree with skillsss about this...)

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