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Frequent Advisor

I found an Easter egg!

This kinda isn't a good thing but when I went to the forum and logged in I saw in the users online field "Strange there's no one online" or something like that.. Just to throw that out.. It made me laugh for some reasonSmiley Very Happy

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Khoros Oracle

Haha, that is awesome.  I did not even know about that one.  Let it be known that there are other Easter eggs, but the Developers wont share them...even with CSMs, Mods, etc.  We all have to find them on our own. 🙂




...and isn't that a bad thing to find none of your users online? Smiley Wink

WARNING: user LiquidSasquatch is in over his head.

Haha.  Good point.


If you check at 2am though, and your community is smaller, I could see it happening.


But yeah, what LiquidSasquatch said.