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New Commentator

Job Posting for Moderator

Good Afternoon.


I recently applied for a moderation position and was curious as to how long it usually takes to hear back?  With over 2 years of moderation experiences I would love a chance to work with your company.




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Khoros Guru

Hi Michelle,


Thank you for your interest!  The job posting is always open.  We do evaluate all candidates when we need new moderators.  Please feel free to write a message via Jobvite so we can identify your profile. 


I didn't see a spot on Jobvite to write a message, but I did send a message via the Lithium Technologies Facebook page.
Retired Community Manager

Hi Michelle,


I've asked one of our Moderation supervisors to find your profile and send you a message.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to the received email at any time and it will automatically create a new message in the system.



Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

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