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Lithium Support

I want to enter a simple support ticket with Lithium for some assistance with our community functionality.  Does anyone know how to do this or where I can send an email?

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi tspiess,


The place to go to log a support case is the Cases tab here in the Lithosphere - if you don't see the Cases tab, it may be that  your account just hasn't been configured yet. Until then, you can contact your Customer Success Manager for support, and they can help you get set up and log the case for you.


Hope that helps!

Trusted Contributor

Yep, I agree with Scott.

So far I've seen a very responsive team on the Lithium side. No complaints at all.

Good tracking of history as well. 


Good luck!



"May The Community Be With You"



I'll second that opinion.  The integration here in the Lithosphere has made entering cases really easy and conversational, with the ability to attach files - often in my case some screen capture images I've marked up for reference.  The cases are updated and I receive upmails in my email as well in case I've not logged back in here.


The support team has been super fast getting my requested changes implemented, and I receive a short survey after each case is closed asking how the experience could be improved.


Really nice to see that Lithium is very much focused on continual improvement.




I have to agree- I find the support here (via Cases) amazing and timely.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Troy - let me know if you need your customer permissions updated (if you can't see the customer tab).


Paul Gilliham
Lithosphere CM / Director, Digital/Community Strategy


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