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Lithosphere Log / Blog should do an update on Ideas Status



Would you consider doing a summary post on the ideas received here in the Lithosphere?


What are the Top X best ideas Lithium has heard? 


Which ideas have been / are being implemented (what release for those already done)?


What is the typical time (cycle time) from suggested to implemented?  Obviously it varies based on the complexity of the idea, the relative importance & merit of it, and the degree of synergy with the existing roadmap / development cycle.  


I think closing the loop could be a good way to build excitement / interest in the ideas platform. 


Another thought might be to have some of your bloggers run a focused / set duration effort.  I really liked the co-creation / design session run at the end of the last customer conference.  For competitive reasons, you might not want to do that on the public instance of ideas, but as you do have some private forums here, it stands to reason that you could have a private section of ideas.


Maybe Phil, or David, or Dr. Wu could create a focus for ideas in an upcoming blog post...  

Free form ideation is great based on ongoing usage of the platform, but you might unlock additional benefit by experimenting with something a bit more structured... who knows, it's all a grand experiment isn't it? Smiley Happy


Best regards,



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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the note Mark. I was thinking yesterday during a planning session that I wanted to do a round up of ideas, and had even contacted some of the Prod Mgrs for updates. Great idea, I will absolutely do it.


In terms of short run ideation programs etc, let me talk with Phil a little more. I like the concept, I want to see when and how we might do this. Thanks Mark

Paul Gilliham
Lithosphere CM / Director, Digital/Community Strategy


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