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Lithosphere should run on HTML5

It's the future of the web. We use apps now a days.


But, webpages flashing with blank, HTML pages seem outdated.


Lithosphere should run on HTML5 with smooth transition effects from one page to another so it seems really futuristic.


What do you think about that?

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Technically Lithosphere already runs on a subset of HTML. Some HTML5 and CSS3 technology is already in use (e.g. on some lightbox and upload elements) and with new features being rolled out and older features being revisited and updated the adaption of these features increases.


I like this approach from Lithium as it's not just "HTML5 just for the sake of it", but rather in line with the overall gradual uptake of new technologies across web enabled devices.

I agree though that especially the mobile view could benefit from some attention as it still looks like very early Symbian / iPhone UX.

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One of my devs just mentioned it's going to create an issue for us that our HTML5 from the main site won't transfer over to Lithium.
Jim - Former Webroot Community Specialist
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HTML5 covers such a large range of new technologies and Lithium has and does adopt these technologies as they become mature and better supported across the range of devices and browsers we are using. That said there is a lot of legacy stuff in there too. 😉


You can now support the latest HTMl5 DOCTYPE - 


CSS3 can be added and isn't restricted inside Lithium, you may need to override / reset the Lithium blank theme CSS and adjust vendor prefixes as needed to get things playing more like the HTML5 boilerplate. -


As for the HTML strcuture, the out of the box components while not perfect semantic HTML aren't too bad and you can always write your own custom components if you need to adjust the HTML. The HTML is more inline with XHTML, however none of this should be incompatible with HTML5.


The biggest step is moving towards a responsive layout and design and Lithium's heavy use of tables does somewhat hinder responsive layouts.