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Lookin' good, Lithosphere

Well done on the new look!


The homepage navigation is much clearer, and the new design feels fresh and true to the brand.Great job!



Woman Happy

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I have to say that I'm ashamed of myself!


I never spend (almost) anytime on here.

Why? Too busy with my work and my own community + monitoring customers sites related to my job?

Why? I don't book time in my schedule for it?

Why? I have an AWESOME support from @BrianO when I have brainfarts....yes yes not ideas but farts.

Why? Why not? Something we have to put things aside to meet deadlines right?


Well, I'm ashamed. The new layout is awesome and the new enviroment is very welcoming. I just experienced what social media can do to you when changes are made the proper way to strike interest.


Sorry Brian and @BlairPo @RobD but my hamster just changed gears in ways you don't want to put your fingers around 🙂


I will spend more time around and grasp the ideas from others but share my little B2B experience.

The thing is, you don't realize what you are missing until a shovel hits your face. Ok, maybe a biiiiiiiiiiit too much, but I'm sure you are getting my point


What else should I say? Thanks Lithium. I'll leark more and frenchie from QC will bug you from time to time. 

Trusted Contributor

Breadcrumb appears a bit wonky:




It looks like there's a lot more "trail" in there than is necessary, and of course you cannot actually select the links that appear under "Community Display."



Retired Community Manager

Thanks @dementad!  we're looking into fixing the issue.


@Jasmin  thank you for the glowing review! It means alot (especially for me, coming from a fellow frenchie 😉 )


If we've managed to hook passionate people like you back in, then I believe we can call this a success. Looking forward to seeing more of you around the community. You can bug us anytime you like!


Have a great weekend,

Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

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