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Off Topic

Hello people,


My name is GemmaD and i'm new to this whole Lithium forum. I just recently came off of a Lithium community called giffgaff, and they have an off topic section.


As I am finding it hard to get around this forum/community, I would like to talk to other people and feel more at ease with the community rather than being all scared about where to go 😄 So I think it would be good if Lithium could introduce an Off Topic section for the community. 


If an Off topic section isn't possible, could we have a Contribute section where all community members of Lithium can contribute by spotting typo's, error's and show some artwork?


Don't hate on me for this suggestion, I'm only new and I don't know my way around quite yet 😞

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Khoros Staff

Hi GemmaD,


I moved this idea from Ideas area to the Forum Feedback area as it is more on-topic here.  The ideas section is more of a place to add ideas for implementing new product functionalities, or improving existing functionalities. However, this forum is exactly the correct place to give suggestions about the Lithosphere community!


Thank you for your feedback about an off-topic area.  I will pass this idea along, and I also want to share some information about the Lithosphere with you so you can better understand the purpose of the community.  This may better enable you to choose the correct area for your posts and feedback, and not feel overwhelmed when you contribute.  The purpose of the Lithosphere is to give all Lithium customers (and their customers) a place to talk about things like the Lithium Platform, setting up online communities, and engaging the users in all types of communities.  


You can see from the "Welcome to the Lithosphere" statement on the home page that this is more of a general community. Sharing artwork, typos, etc. may not be as applicable here as it would be in the off-topic section of a fan community:


"It's your place to learn about our products, exchange ideas and share experiences about online community, social engagement and social media monitoring.


Our Community about Social Customer Engagement."

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, please let us know.