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Please help Sandisk's Tech Supp site!

1. First, in registering here, the TOS screen appeared, at best, as dark grey on black. Could not read a word.


2. Second, I come here on a mission of mercy. I know this could, well, be deleted but here goes. I went to the message board you set up for the Sandisk Corp. and have had one unpleasant, exasperating experience after another and I consider myself rather well-acquainted with message boards, features, and security requirements. I tried to explain the following to them and I don't think they understand. I trust you will.


First, they are set up with an inordinate, inappropriate, unnecessary, and antagonizing security setup for casual visitor seeking tech supp fo the problems they are having with Sandisk products. I have never, ever had to go through the rigamarole on any website, (including THIS one), to produce acceptable user ID and password! OMG! Upper case, lower case, digits, so many of this, so many of that, patterns! Honestly, one can get into my Bank of America accounts more easily than this!


All that accomplished, I made my post and received a reply in my email post notifications. I clicked to view the reply and found myself having to go all through the login process again, even though I had been "invited" via my own private email access! Since I had needed to dream up totally strange ID and password, I had forgotten them. SO, when I went to request the be sent to me, after all that rigamarole, it just sent them to the very same email address from which I had needed further security to access the posting in the first place! So, the hassle didn't even improve "security", (hardly a huge issue for a company helping customers with tech issues with their memory sticks!)


Finally, I posted something there at a later date and did not seem to need to log back in for the reply. Still, there was no five minute or 24 hour access to edit my own post and there was no way to review the string of posts after I had entered to "reply". Could not look down at the previous to aid in my responses.


In short, it sucked and I know you guys can do better and can do a better job by Sandisk whose nerds seem oblivious to the challenges their site puts, unnecessarily, before those innocents seeking a bit of tech supp from the great Sandisk Corp.!  😉 Oh! And did I mention that I could not get the smilie thing to work, either? I've done dozens. I clicked for the presentation of available smilies. Clicked on the one I wanted, and zero happened, twice!



Over and out!

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi rsmg,


Thanks for posting! I'm sorry your experience has been less than positive.  I hope you've been able to contact the community manager to express your concerns on that community.  While Lithium provides the platform, we do not set the policies or security system for any external communities.  The best place to take these concerns is within the community itself.

We do appreciate your input about the complexity of signing up and logging in.  This leads us to an interesting question.  How complex is too complex in terms of usernames and passwords?  What is secure but not unmanageable to remember?"